Tuesday, November 14, 2017

That's Going To Haunt Me For A Long Time

Screaming animal - sounds like a cat. It had fallen in the water. I couldn't get to it in time. The water is already very cold. I couldn't get to it in time. It actually looks like a small dog, but it's dark and I can only see it from behind. It's got a collar on. I don't know which was worse - the screaming or the silence after. Excuse me while I decide if I'm going to vomit, cry hysterically, or both.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


They are:

"Enemy, paranoid, greedy, Bible-thumping, gun-toting, fear-mongering, racist, sexist, bigot, birther, redneck, homophobic, xenophobic, global-warming denialists, anti-science, Neanderthal, barbarian, terrorist, hobbits, member of the Flat Earth Society, Nazi, bully, Yosemite Sam hillbilly, beer-toting, pot belly, church going, small-minded, whack-job, Evangelical, gun nuts, wing nut, knuckle-dragger, clueless, Teabaggers, narrow-minded, evil, redneck freaks, judgmental, backwards, sick, anti-intellectualist, slut-shaming, slimebuckets, forced-birther, neocons, Zionist, neo-Confederate, wild nasty hard-right fringe, extremist, sewer rats, wacko birds, bitter clingers, misogynist, you suck, Obamaphobic, chirper, white nativist, crazies, creepy azz cracka, unpatriotic, white grievance, dumb, cracker, white devils, rabid, squealing political pigs, anarchist, fanatics, extortionists, lemmings, gangsters, murderers, banana republicans, fakers, ideological crusader, Cruzites, anti-government idealoges, fraud, Taliban, arsonist, suicide bombers, suicidal lemmings, spoiled children, hostage takers, overlords, Jihadist, blowhard, religious fanatic, freedom fiend, kidnappers, Jesus freaks, dangerous, troglodyte, from the Planet of the Apes, resurrection of the Confederacy, lemmings with suicide vests, anarchy gang, idiots, wife abusers, frightened white people, right-wing loonies, tea-hadist, tea-tards, segregationist, freaking retarded, morally disgusting, Confederate flag-waving, breeders, Robert E. Lee lovers, Southern white radicals, losers, violent rapist, blathering idiots, climate change deniers, way crazy, racist killers, rabid animals, Cro-magnon, cave dwellers, narrow-minded, toddler, headless chicken brigade, monkeys, morons, virus, teapub, Christofascists, healthcare repealers, gun-crazed, wide-eyed creatures, bed-wetting kidult, climate fool, Trotskyite radicalists, Dixiecrats, willfully ignorant fucksticks, anti-Obama, Huns, nutcases, pseudo-militia of gun-toting nutcases, lunatic, radical terrorist, people from slave-holding states, Uncle Toms, distrustful, Rumplestiltskins, somewhat strange, screw-loosers, bald-faced racists, carnival barker, boorish individuals, Tea Party maggots, not normal people, mean, troglodytes, selfish, haters, meatballs, dingus, scorched earth insurgents.Grumpy Cat, jingoistic, microaggressionist, ableist, transphobic,, poor, dumb, cousin-humping, ammosexuals, genderist, sexist, anti-semites, skinheads, crazy, angry, ignorant, morally tainted, irredeemable, deplorable, swamp of crazy, dark, devisive, white nationalist, alt-right, white devil, despicable people, white selfishness, scumbags, Kremlin Klan, slobs, residents of Podunk USA, intolerant, anti-American, Cheeto aliens, fatties, Tealiban, sufferers of white neurosis and white fragility, Y'all Qaeda, Trump-ite, cave dweller, troglodyte, luddite, scumbags, Bannonites, do not appear to be humans, angry loud-mouth Irishmen"

Yes, actually, that has been tracked.

And those are the names that these two men have been called over the last year.

One of them, an evil member of the evil NRA, grabbed his evil gun out of its safe and ran barefoot to stop a mass murderer.  The other, the instant he heard what was happening, went in pursuit of the evil that had struck that morning.

I call them conservative Christians.  Liberals call them names selected from the list above.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Yeah, well. If you are of a praying mind...

...please keep my sister Peggy in your prayers.  She found out Tuesday that she has cancer.  A golf-ball size tumor.  And until surgery they won't know what stage or any of the other details that the slightly OCD among us would like to know.  All I know is that I'm going to NC soon.  Because with the tumor already that big even a lumpectomy will take a big chunk out of her and she's going to need help for a bit.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Right Biceps Tendon

Inflamed and painful.  Because I'm addicted.  I get on the water every day that I can and once I get going I just don't want to stop.  Since I often go out alone and don't have anyone to shuttle with I often go upstream against the current.  For miles.  'Cause I can't stop.  The river.  The amazing green. The birds.  Eagles, great blue and little green and night herons. Kingfishers, swallows. An occasional doe with fawns. The cicadas.  Dragonflies skipping all around.  Big ol turtles sipping air then ducking away from me.  Catfish along the bottom.  A butterfly kept me company for miles today.  I didn't charge it for the ride.

Well.  Heading out to run the Whetzell-Felton Reunion, so shoulder will get a break at least until Tuesday.  Except for the whole riding the Mon River Rail Trail on Saturday. But that's only holding my body on a bike...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Say A Prayer...

...for the repose of the soul of Marge Hoover.  My friend from church.  We are in shock.  She became short of breath while working at St. James yesterday.  Deacon Dave's wife took her home.  And she died.  She had health problems but...

I have a broad selection of cuss words to choose from, but I'm trying to hold it to "Crud!" as I crawl into a corner and cry...

Monday, June 26, 2017

It Actually Took Longer...

... than I expected.

My church got a phone threat today that resulted in police being called, evacuation, and the Blessed Sacrament being reposed until further notice.  Which leaves those of us who are a part of the 24 hour, 7 days a week worship up in the air.

But, to tell the truth, I'm surprised it took this long.  We are a large church with "conservative" teaching near DC.  Last year, we fought the "any man can go into a women's bathroom" bill that the city tried to force us into and we won.  But liberals hate women, hate diversity, and will try to use a law to bludgeon anybody who believes different from them into the ground.

In another area, I might say is was a muslum threat.  This area - nah.  This is some liberal.  And I'm not too worried about it because the threat was called in.

But they really need to read up on our teachings on self defence.  And contemplate that my church has a lot of people who are carrying concealed.

Monday, June 5, 2017


Rest in peace, Father Larry.  Many of us have actually been grieving your loss for a couple years now as you battled first one thing and then another and were pulled away from the parish more and more.  You were a wonderful priest and a darling man.  And I'm so glad that you were a player in the canonization of St. Faustina.  Not many people could say that their best friend was the final miracle needed for canonization.