Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday Lesson

...with Murphy's Law at the Izaak Walton League range involved one handed shooting.  My little .38 has a fairly heavy trigger pull, making up for the lack of a safety.  I was amazed at how much difference there is in trying to shoot one-handed - how much less steady and how much harder it is to pull the trigger.  I absolutely can't do it with my left hand - need to work on building strength there.  Right hand is hard but mostly I think I did OK.  Somebody else arrived and was a bit nit-picky about details of various rules, which made shooting uncomfortable and was distracting so I didn't think to try with the .32, which has a much easier trigger.

Also got to try ML's H&K P7. Interesting the way the gun cocks, feels nice, aims nice, fires nice.  Nice and flat - it would be easy to carry concealed. Very satisfying to chew up the center circle of the target with it.

I was actually standing further back today, and while there were some fliers I felt that most of the time I was doing reasonably well.  Mostly, I worked with the .38.  It's not a fun gun, per se, but since it's the current self defense weapon I need to be able to handle it well.  In some ways it is fun, though, because it presents a  challenge - hard trigger pull, light gun so it kicks.  Makes it satisfying when I'm able to send rounds where I want them to go.


  1. Lemon squeezers are strange to run at first, but when mastered make awful good weapons.

  2. Agree with Stephen, and yes good work with the self defense gun IS necessary! You can practice dry firing with the weak hand to help strengthen it, just MAKE SURE the bullets are in a different room!

  3. @Stephen - Interesting name for it. My .32 has a plate on the back of the grip that has to be depressed for it to fire, but doesn't require nearly as much squeeze.

    @OldNFO - Yes, the repeat mantra every time I pick it up while watching TV is "Make sure it's unloaded make sure it's unloaded make sure it's unloaded"!