Wednesday, September 26, 2012


New Dell arrived yesterday.  I have my programs, except for a couple that are being cranky about loading up, and all my files back.  I also now have a plug in for an HDMI cable, and I'm thinking turning my 40 inch flat screen TV into a computer monitor is a useful idea, especially since I make a lot of maps and my eyes are getting old.

Everybody is way ahead of me with posts on the blog shoot, so mine will be brief:  it was great!  So many people on a beautiful fall day, ROs that looked to be having fun watching people have fun (not to mention setting up exploding pumpkins), a gazillion stink bugs ... oh, wait, I'm still cleaning those things out of the suv...and $1,000 to Wounded Warriors.  Not a bad day at all.

My daughter still hasn't sent me her pictures from the day - I'll post them when she does.  She came, but she didn't participate for safety reasons.

I know I posted about this last month:

Well, just before vacation they told me the wedding had been moved up to October 20.  This year.  Because:

I'm going to be a grandma!


  1. Welcome back, and congrats (again) to the lovely daughter!

  2. @Rev, Bob, RabidAlien, and NFO - Thanks! Now to see how long it takes before it all hits me and I have a melt down...

  3. Welcome Back
    Congratulations to you and your daughter