Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's been such a lovely week.  Boston.  Ricin letters.  Now the explosion in Waco, which most likely is an accident but that doesn't make the news any better.  And there's also the trial of Gosnell, abortionist extraordinaire, so carefully buried by the media and ignored by hypocritical pro-choicers.  Not to mention charges lodged against Planned Parenthood mills in various states recently.

Add all that to the unending media and political attack on my beliefs and my integrity (I'm a conservative, therefore I caused and support every evil happening in the world), I'm just sick of it. 

If it wasn't for other obligations I think I'd make a phone call and then go hole up in family place out in the middle of the boonies of Preston County.  No radio, no internet, no bathroom, no problem.


  1. Most of it sounds good ("stop the world. I want to get off") but I have to admit a fondness for modern plumbing ... and paper products.

    1. It would only be temporary. Until I got over feeling grumpy.

  2. I hear what you're saying... sigh