Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day!

I don't know why teleworkers don't have to work today - maybe there are power outages elsewhere from the freezing fog of last night.  But I'm not questioning it. 

Since my neighbor hasn't plowed his driveway, I suspect his little tractor is broken again  and I won't get plowed either. Guess I'm going to have to put chains on to get out in a day or two.  Having moved up here after too many years in the city, the potential problems of having a steep driveway never occurred to me.  Usually, I park in the front yard when a winter storm is coming but that just aggravates me.  I have a garage.  Garages are most useful in inclement weather.  Therefore I should be able to USE that garage when it snows.

It's lovely and quiet because of the lack of vehicle traffic and we have power so there are no generators going.

Time to medicate cats, have breakfast, and clean house.


  1. Yep, enjoy... I'm offsite at a class which they cancelled simply because DC was shut down... GAH... Now sitting in a hotel, can't get any real work done, bored to tears...

    1. Oh, fun. You could have come help me shovel...