Saturday, January 11, 2014

$ 3259 And An Entire Day At The Neurologist...

...and all we know is that Blu's MRI pics are really funny.  But the disk they gave me is bad so I can't post any.  Dang.

The good news - it's not cancer and there's no inflammation they can find anywhere.   Neurologist says it just sometimes happens and he'll go on anti-seizure meds.

And I left my book there.  I was only 100 pages from the end.  It's a 50 mile round trip.  I wonder if the library has it...


  1. Wow. That's some serious cat mom devotion there. Hope he feels better.

  2. Ouch! that hurts. I hope you can find the book locally, too.

  3. Blu has a loving owner

  4. Good for you for stepping up and taking care of him.

  5. ML, Rev, Keads, Rick, NFO, Tom - Thanks. I don't put a price tag on my pets - they are gifts and sentient beings who are dependent on me. And we love each other as best we know how.

    Blu can drive you crazy - my daughter threatens to duct tape him to the wall - or be the most loving cat in the world to me. As long as his problems can be controlled and he doesn't feel sick all the time we'll be together.