Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh, And BTW...

The Microtel in Morgantown has advantages, price and convenience for instance.  And the folks there are very pleasant.  If your room is on the back side of the hotel, your view is grass and water and the sounds of all the roads in the front are blocked.

The down side - walls and floors as thin as paper, any room noise around is really audible.  Which is probably why they have a 10 pm quiet time rule.   That and it's in a college town with a major football team.

The rooms are spare, but clean and for one night it suited me just fine.   But I have to say I was a bit puzzled by the choice of room amenities.

Sorry, but if there's any place where a phone is not necessary it's in the john.  And the last time I saw that I was in a third world country where land lines were so expensive that the number of phones in a hotel room indicated how upscale it was.


  1. Given the factors involved in the distances things 'splash' -- I'm really not going to put that next to my face.

    Bob S.

  2. Emergency use... so they say...

    1. It would have to be serious emergency. There's also a dignity issue involved...

  3. I have come to peace with the Microtel in my home town. No phone in the John though =)