Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Have to Understand Priorities

It didn't take long:  ebola is Bush's fault, ebola is a result of budget cuts, ebola is a result of sequestration.


To begin with, Republicans gave the CDC more money this year than Obama had put in the budget.  And CDC and NIH have had plenty of money to do studies on such things as why lesbians are fat.  So Democrats can stuff it.

And we didn't have a vaccine available because we've never needed it. It's something that a western country is going to be reactive to, not proactive to, because it's a relatively recent disease and has been restricted to Africa, particularly where bush meat is eaten.  I can't blame them - drug development is an incredibly expensive business and who ever expected Americans to get so stupid that they'd put people in charge who would fling open the doors to something like ebola?

It's frightening people so badly that they are forgetting that another disease is paralyzing and killing our children.  Enterovirus D68 is much more widespread than ebola and it's playing at being a polio relative. Tuberculosis and whooping cough are on the upswing.  Know how you die with tuberculosis?  You basically slowly drown in your own blood.   And, by the way, did anybody notice that the Africans that scared the heck out of a flight recently WERE sick with things like typhoid?  Typhoid.  We're flying typhoid into the country.

Ebola is a horrible disease and people are rightly frightened by it.  It's right up there with smallpox and bubonic plague on my list of ways I don't want to die.  When monkey ebola broke out at a lab in Reston, VA, repeated efforts to de-contaminate the building failed.  I believe that they finally just closed the building and eventually tore it down. 

None of these would be able to ramp up if we had done exactly what we did until generations were born who didn't know what it was like to lose family members to scourges like polio and tuberculosis, who don't understand that that our freedom from horrific disease isn't shared by third would countries.  And they decided that it was hunky dory to just throw the doors wide open and let those diseases flood back in, now into a country with 300,000,000 citizens with lessened resistance to them. 

And yes, the CDC will lie to us about it if they get orders to do so.  High up agency heads are political appointees.  They'll do what they are told.

A little over 100 years ago a well-traveled rat took shore leave from a ship docked in San Francisco. He brought yersinia pestis, plague, with him.  San Francisco's China Town was a warren of rickety buildings and rats loved it.  Soon pneumonic plague was breaking out.  A major part of the Chinese neighborhood of Honolulu had been burned in 1900 in an attempt to kill off an outbreak of bubonic plague and the San Franciscan Chinese did not want to take the chance of the same happening to them, so they tried to hide it, even going so far as propping dead victims up at the family table to make it look as if they were still alive.  Once it was clear that there was an outbreak, the city fathers fought the medical specialist sent to deal with it tooth and nail.  They feared that if word got out that plague was in the city it would adversely affect the city's booming business.  Then came the great earthquake of 1906.  The city was filled with crowded, unsanitary tent camps and oh how the rats loved that.  Their populations boomed.  Anyone who has been on the west coast of California is probably familiar with the cute little ground squirrels that are common there.  Plague happily hopped from rats to the ground squirrels.  And it didn't take long for it to spread east, where it is now endemic in the American southwest.  All because politicians didn't want to impact city business.

So, CDC, NIH, and priorities.  People need to understand that the first, the very FIRST priority of any government agency is to exist.  NOT to do a particular job - to EXIST.  If the job gets done, good.  But that's not the agency's PRIMARY task, no matter what it says in its founding legislation.  So agency heads work to keep the agency relevant and that means looking for projects that will catch the eye of the people in control of their budgets.  Which is how mission creep happens. 

Which is how millions of our tax dollars are used on nonsense studies and then those that waste the money scream that they don't have enough money. 


  1. I'm having trouble telling the difference between those running the show and those rats you keep reffering to.....

  2. The Obama Admin. won't talk about the Enterovirus because it came in and was spread across the country via all of those illegal teen gang members that the Dems shoe-horned into our local communities nationwide. Everyone knows it, but the government won't admit it and the Obamedia won't report it.

    1. Oh, yes. The spikes in disease are showing up in the areas where they were transported to.

  3. PH: Yep, you nailed it. Between diverting funding to politically correct causes and then being too politically correct to actually take the steps needed to stop the spread of these diseases, the CDC and NIH seem to be failing at this quite badly, and with serious consequences.

    1. But I'm glad to see health care workers not just rolling over when the blame was put on them. But dear nurses - if you've been in contact with the infected STOP TRAVELING!