Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I haven't been very active out here in the blogosphere for several reasons.  One is that the lead up to my retirement was very busy, and then life got even busier after.  The whole traveling thing - I was home a total of 7 days during December.  Then I came home with the flu and ended up back in bed for a while.  That was followed by a major cleaning effort - I'm not sure how it happened, since I was either gone or on the sofa, but my house was filthy.  I've only managed to get through the upstairs because I wanted to deal with the laundry room downstairs and that required that I drag everything out of the laundry room into the downstairs in order to work. I figured the project would take about a half a day.  That was before I actually dragged stuff away from one wall and found three major mouse areas.  Bleh.  Two full days, two trips to Home Depot, concrete sheet rock, steel wool, and a can of a type of pest-deterrent Great Stuff insulating spray later, I'm finally done.  I need to more fully deal with the other side of that wall, which is the garage side, but I'll give that a day or two before I get serious with it.  I've got stuff to do for church today and my sore-ish muscles need a rest.

But the main reason is that there's nothing new to write, news-wise.  People are still being profoundly stupid about Islam, thinking that if they make nice then the murder and destruction will stop.  No - this is just a continuation of the 7th century, the 8th century, the 9th century, and on and on and on through more than a millennium.  This is an invasion, just as it was throughout all the centuries that have gone.  Our "leaders" speak about "understanding" them, and show that they DON'T actually understand them.  Charles the Hammer understood them.  No matter what you think of his methods of dealing with the problem, Vlad the Impaler understood them.  Popes of the past understood them and the danger they pose perfectly - hence the Crusades. They don't hate us because they are poorer, or because of our music or movies, or because of the way we dress.  They hate us because we are not them, PERIOD.

And people are still being profoundly hypocritical about Islam.  Forget Duke University and its idiotic broadcasting of the daily Muslim call to prayer - it's a college and colleges are cesspits of liberal fairy dust.  But it came out yesterday courtesy of a Baltimore radio station that a MD high school has been allowing Muslim students to observe their regular daily prayer times in the auditorium, chaperoned by a teacher.  Yet a child can't read the Bible during their free time on school property, and I would bet the paycheck I once had that if a Catholic student requested to be excused in order to pray the Divine Office at its appointed times that same school would deny the request based on separation of church and state.

And a lot of the same media that thought this was fine...

Are running away from showing this...

But people think "radical Christianity" is a problem.  No, actually, the problem is that a vacuum has to be filled, and there isn't ENOUGH radical Christianity anymore to block evil from filling that vacuum.

And we still need more gun control.  Liam Neeson, who makes his living by on-screen gun mayhem, says so.  Because bad-guys obey gun laws.   From the January 13th edition of our local newspaper (name and address changed to protect the innocent):

A Convicted Felon, 35, of A Street Near PH's House, was arrested Saturday on one felony count of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and one misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance after police found several firearms and Suboxone in his residence.
Get that?  A convicted felon, who by law is not allowed to have guns, had a gun anyway.  Because criminals obey laws.

But being killed by a bad guy is OK.  Or at least better than defending yourself with a firearm. Mississippi Rebel has a blogpost about a delivery-woman who defended herself with a firearm when attacked and may lose her job for doing so. The police say she was quite correct in her actions, but it's against company policy for her to carry, so, too bad.  Just lay down and die, girly.

Maybe the environment really has been so contaminated that brain damage is now wide-spread.  Because it's the same stupid over and over and over again.    Wash, rinse, repeat.


  1. I'm with you, ma'am. Dumb begets dumber, and the inevitable result of dumbing-down the curricula is dumb people.

    I hasten to point out that our self-appointed Enlightened Leaders have suffered from the same dumbing-down ... and - in fact - they suffered first: they assumed they could make everyone else stupid without it affecting them. Because Progressives, or something.

  2. Glad to see you PH and you are as usual absolutely correct.

  3. Glad you're back in the blogosphere.