Monday, December 14, 2015

But I digress...

Do you ever have those weird nights where, at least at first, you only fall partially asleep?  Not like the times you thrash around wide awake, but more of a limbo where you aren't there and you aren't here either.  Been having trouble with that the last few nights.  And then there was music...  Huh?  When I got awake enough to focus I realized that it was the theme from "Downton Abbey", which I had been watching before bed.  I had closed the laptop, which generally sends everything into sleep mode, but apparently the computer woke up for a couple minutes.  It stopped, but that was a bit freaky and not conducive to easily going off into slumber land immediately after.

But I digress.

This is really about my new used Beretta 92S.  How to put it succinctly?  Oh, yeah - I LOVE THIS GUN!

Purchased for under $340 from Southern Ohio Guns International, it arrived in beautiful condition.  There isn't a working part of it that doesn't slide or click smoothly.  Because it is an Italian import, I had to go to the proof marks near the trigger to track down the date of manufacture:

The original Beretta 92 was introduced in 1976.  The "S" series was developed in 1978 in response to law enforcement requirements and was then adopted by Italian police and military.  The "BU" inside the little box means a 2004 birthday for this particular gun.

It's a full sized and substantial gun, a little over 2 lbs unloaded, and it carries 15 rounds of 9 mm.   There's a couple things I'll have to get used to.  First, having a de-cocker.  I commented about that to my daughter and she replied "Talk to Loreena Bobbit."  Took me a minute...  Anyway, I remember to de-cock the gun after I rack the first round but tend to forget to flip it back up before I holster the gun.  The other is the placement of the magazine release, which is at the base and back of the grip on one side.  I'm used to having it on the upper part of the grip near the thumb, but apparently the Europeans don't like to just drop their mags.

The double action is heavy for me - at first I thought it would take some work to get my hands strong enough to fire it double action.  But a few timed trials on Saturday showed me that although I'm rocky with that first shot I can do it and clear the plates fairly quickly.  I just need to get used to it.

So I'm very happy.


  1. It's always a joy when a new firearm turns out to be like that. Congrats!

    1. Since I'm just learning to explore, it's fun to find how differently you can shoot with different guns. And to learn that you don't have to spend a gazillion dollars for one that suits you just right.

  2. The gun looked and felt great and you shot it like a champ. That 17 seconds to clear the plate rack from the holster without missing a plate was a joy to watch. Come a long way, you have.

  3. When I worked for INS the service pistol was a Beretta 96D. Double action only and in forty caliber. The double action pull was long but smooth and I shot it well. I still keep my eyes out, but have yet to see a used one. Good luck with your pistol.

  4. Nice find! Beretta 92S is on my "someday" list.