Thursday, January 5, 2017

Participation Trophy

In case you were wondering, this election cycle did not improve my opinion of liberalism and its adherents.   Nope, pretty much confirmed it, from the fact that liberal women could support a woman who enables a sexually predatory husband and is richly supported by regimes like Saudi Arabia but the same liberal women have the hypocritical gall to call Trump anti-woman, to the repeated hate crime hoaxes, to the comparing of us bitterly clinging deplorables to the KKK and Nazis, they displayed and continue to display the self-declared superiority, hatred of true diversity of opinion, and pure ugliness that I've come to associate with them.

And then there's Obama, who is having a temper tantrum as he goes out the door and would clearly happily opt to push us into a war with Russia rather than admit that he has been repudiated. Fortunately, I know that Putin understands exactly what is going on, is having a good laugh, and as long as we don't actually shoot anyone this will be over in a few more days.  He's not stupid enough to go to war with us because of an incompetent spoiled brat.

An aside:  Apparently the FBI insists that they know that Russia hacked the Dem's computers while at the same time the same FBI says it never actually examined those hacked computers before coming to that conclusion.  I'd find that amusing if it wasn't just more despicable and glaring proof of the politicization of our highest law enforcement agencies.  Next time, Dems, if you are warned that you are vulnerable to hacking, return the phone call and take steps to prevent it.  Until then, hey, which of the e-mails is false?  And which voting machine was changed because of the hack?  And let's talk about what the recount in Detroit found, shall we?

But back to Obama.  He's a little old for it, but apparently he grew up in the "everybody gets an award for participating" generation.  So he has given himself one.  Really.  When you see "Really." read "ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME?!"  He gave himself a Distinguished Public Service Award.  GAVE HIMSELF.  Really.  Because, according to the speech that followed, there have been no attacks planned and carried out by foreign entities on our home soil during his tenure as president. Maybe he meant Kenya.  Because without even doing a search I can think of Fort Hood, Orlando, San Bernadino, Boston... Really.

Fifteen days until that sociopathic narcissist is out of office.   Fifteen long days.  Never wanted time to move so fast in my life.



  1. With each comment I composed mentally while reading your post, I found that you'd said it already, a few sentences later.
    Well said. :)

  2. True to form, no surprises from our Narcissist-in-Chief.