Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Just a Thought

Once again there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  There has been a muslim attack in a European country that's way more concerned about diversity than their own lives.  So what else is new?  There've been nearly 31,000 islamic attacks throughout the world since 9/11.  But now everybody is complaining that there wasn't enough security at the concert they blew up.  Everybody is scrambling to change the way they deal with concert security.  And, oh yeah, "He was on their radar."  But they didn't do anything about that. Again. They can't do anything about that now, either, because he's dead.  Along with more than 20 young people and children who would be alive today if there wasn't so much Stupid around.

Here's a suggestion.  Instead of crying in horror after the rabid dog has run rampage and torn up a bunch of people, how about inoculating the damned dog beforehand?  How about you stop muslim immigration, start monitoring mosques, and when you know somebody is talking about, oh, blowing things up, you give them a one-way ticket back to whatever 3rd world cesspool they crawled out of?

It's just a thought.


  1. Sadly, that makes WAY to much sense PH... And the left would go bat nuts...

  2. Let them parachute out with a pack loaded with cooking utensils.