Friday, June 3, 2011

It's a lie

My mind is on history a lot recently.  Fell in love with it when I discovered that it’s not just a series of dates and place names but is people – their interactions, their strengths, their weakness, their mistakes, and their victories.  Unfortunately, humans have a chronic habit of arrogance that leads to them discounting and feeling superior to those who have gone before.  We are seeing this once again with the current crop of Mercedes Marxists and their fanatical followers.  We’ve been here.  We’ve done this.  It won’t work this time just because it’s YOU doing it.  It will fail because the structure is flawed.  It may take some time to completely crash and burn, but it WILL crash and burn.  That’s another human flaw – we think of everything in terms of our own moment of time, not recognizing that processes, whether the earth’s or human, often take generations-worth of years to work out completely. 

The major flaw is that this is a socialism that is imposed from above.  A form of it CAN work, but only if it is a volunteer effort that comes from the heart.   And then only on small scale – religious communities, for instance.  Humans are individuals.  We don’t all have the same talents.  We aren’t all called to give the same things.   And when the government tries to force these systems on us it does so by denying our individuality all the while giving lip service to what they deny.  That’s a lie, and nothing built on a lie will last.

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  1. Well said we are fortunate indeed if we only have to repeat the mistakes of history. All too often evil innovates a darker age.