Thursday, July 28, 2011

Morning Giggle

Yes, yes, everything you do IS wrong!
The California Milk Processor Board behind the famous "Got milk?" ad campaign is apologizing after it launched a controversial site promoting milk as a cure for menstrual problems.
The site, called "Everything I Do Is Wrong," was launched in early July, along with billboards and spots on National Public Radio.
The organization has issued an apology and has scrapped the ads just two weeks after the campaign's launch, according to the Orange County Business Journal. The campaign was supposed to run through August.
The campaign came under fire by critics who said the latest ad was sexist and fed into the tired stereotype of the irrational female.
The site, which appeared to poke fun at the symptoms of PMS, included a feature that tracked the "global PMS level" and another that allowed men to create apology using the "Puppy Dog-Eye-Zer."

Now, I gotta say, being quite aware of my own temperament at times, that I really don't see anything offensive about this ad. 

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  1. But then you're not a Feminazi Left Wing Liberal either... :-)