Thursday, November 29, 2012

They're Going to Put Y'All Back In Chains

But y'all can wait on me hand and foot if you want.

h/t Weasel Zippers


  1. "Mess" is ONE way to describe him.

    1. Just trying to keep it clean .....

  2. I see that Biden couldn't figure out how a shopping cart works so he had to rent a driver for his. Kinda makes you wonder what he does in the bathroom.

  3. Apparently he picked up a TV, an apple pie and something else... Wonder who paid for them???

  4. Just think four more years of this mental midget

  5. Now, I dunno the guy personally, but from the impression I get watching his antics on TV, I seriously doubt he's the type to go grocery shopping at a store with exposed ceiling rafters on his own. He's the type who'll send an "undocumented citizen" out to buy his vittles at an upscale hoity-toity hipster go-green tofumart. So...this just strikes me as a blatant photo op...and, considering the crowd of people gathered to watch him have a black woman push his buggy around, its rather poorly staged, at that. Seriously, if you're gonna try to pretend to "be one of the people", try shopping the same way we do. On your own, you douchenozzle.