Thursday, July 11, 2013

Relief, and a Shock

Well, the prep is a misery.  The procedures are a breeze.  And for a while I felt better than I had when I went in because I at last got some sleep, even if it was chemically induced.  Now I'm tired, with a sore throat and a bit of a painful stomach.

The relief is that all that was found was inflammation in my stomach - we'll know in a couple days if it's bacterial.  A bacterial infection was actually one of the things high on the list to match my symptoms, but so was gastric cancer.  An infection or an ulcer can be cured with the proper meds, care with eating and drinking, and time. Once symptomatic, gastric cancer is virtually 100% fatal.  The words "No cancer" were good to hear.  I've been getting tired of having chronic pain in my stomach and side - hopefully that will soon end.

The shock is that a neighbor has been found dead in his house.  Unfortunately, he was an older man who had become hermitish - it's probably been a few days.  I know he had a daughter, but they weren't close.  If my daughter didn't hear from me at least once each day my neighbor across the street would be checking on me - it's happened before.  Which is comforting - I have three animals in the house and I don't want them left without care. 


  1. Thank God it's not cancer. This, you can overcome. And we don't want you left without care, either.

    Congratulations on the favorable report, and get better swiftly.

  2. Great news PH. Praying for a swift return to normalcy.

  3. I will keep praying for you.

  4. You have cats. They will eat you.

    Now that said, keep getting better. we have much fun to have yet.

  5. @Rev, David, Rick - Thanks so much.

    @ML - You are right on both counts.