Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Because there is no issue in the world more important than being able to have sex any time, any where, with any one with out any consequences, including payment for birth control. 


  1. ...unless you live in my area. the conservative women around me talk more about women's bodies than the liberals do. unfortunately, usually with disgusting posters.

    1. That is seriously unfortunate. Things are going to hell in a hand basket all around and people are so focused on their crotch rights that they are happy to throw everything else away.

    2. you know i was called a murderer once while headed for my annual exam? it's like women's health has nothing to do with health anymore, and has everything to do with what everyone else thinks should happen to women's bodies.

      i don't claim to be a conservative, nor do i claim to be a liberal, but something like that would make me want to steer clear of that entire end of the spectrum.

    3. That is unfortunate - not a useful approach. Unfortunately it sounds like where you were going commits murder and being associated with it splashed over on you.

      It's not what we believe should happen to women's bodies. It's that we believe that once another human being is involved, there is a moral obligation to protect them. And, as yet, nobody can prove that a fetus isn't a unique individual. Dependent, yes, but so is a new born child.

      And the whole issue about birth control in situations like Hobby Lobby has been completely misrepresented. Deliberately so, I believe. There is no effort to prevent women from access to birth control. What we are fighting is the federal government using fines and threats of jail to force those who are morally oppose to a) birth control, and b) any sort of abortion including abortifacient birth control to pay for it because that makes people complicit in what they believe is a great evil. It also is an unacceptable attack on freedom of religion.

      Do what you want with your body. Just don't force other human beings to participate.