Monday, April 14, 2014

Well, Well, Well

Turns out it wasn't about a desert tortoise after all.  But we knew that.  The tortoise and the cattle have been co-existing for 100 years.  And there are so many of those tortoises that the Feds are euthanizing them.  It wasn't about the boundaries of the tortoise reserve, either.  Because those boundaries are flexible enough that at one point BLM changed them for Harry Reid.  Who just happens to be tight with the head of BLM.  And who just happens to be involved with a Chinese solar firm that just happens to want to develop a facility on that land.

Yeah, it was the land BLM wanted.  Didn't have anything at all to do with the tortoise.  It had to do with Harry Reid and family getting richer.

What I find telling is that BLM representatives seemed willing, at one point, to open fire on the protesters.  That's how arrogant our government has become.  And that's what we have to figure out how to tear down.


  1. Replies
    1. Pretty disgusted right now, Glenn Beck sold out this morning accusing that certain groups were bused in to cause trouble. Last week he had the video from where that photo above was taken up for several days. NOW he is backing away from the Bundy side of things.

  2. Rev and Matt - I heard yesterday that the specific deal people were referring to fell through some time ago. But why, then, did the BLM take down from their website a statement that referred to the effect of the Bundy cattle on a solar project? And where has Dingy Harry been in all this? Too worried about the Koch brothers to pay attention to what's going on in the state he is supposed to represent?