Friday, February 13, 2015

So. What's YOUR Plan?

Most of us are scattered hither and yon.  Families no longer live together.  And communities aren't what they once were.  So you and I have to take care of ourselves.  BUT, should something happen and we DO have families, no matter how far flung, what's the plan?

I'm not horribly worried about Russia or China from a military stand-point.  Yes, they can and will do harm to us economically but they aren't horribly inclined to dump large megaton bombs on us.  At lease not right now.  Our warfare with them is different.  But Iran, on the other hand...

The leaders of Iran are of a type of muslim that believes that they need to speed up the Apocalypse.  I can never remember the details, but in their view it requires the world being in conflagration before the Mahdi will come.  Or some such thing.  The critical thing is that they believe that seeding death and destruction in order to hasten that day is OK- dokey.  And what better way to do so than a well-placed nuke?  A lot of Americans don't understand - they don't hate us because we are America, they don't hate us because of our music, or our clothes, or because of our wealth. They hate us just because we are not them.  And they are perfectly happy with lighting up anybody who is not them.  Do a search on "Jordan" and "pilot" and "fire" if you don't think that's true.  It's the same sort of craziness, the same sort of islam that rules Iran.

So.  We have a muslim president.  I don't care what he says.  He's muslim.  He has slipped twice and said so.  This last time George StepOnAllOfUs wasn't there to correct him when he referred to his muslim faith.  And even if he hadn't said so his behavior declares it clearly.  I really wouldn't care, except he's made clear that he hates the Constitution and America.  I'd vote for the current king of Jordan if I thought he really meant the whole "uphold the Constitution" part in the oath of office.  But Obama has made clear that the Constitution is no more than toilet paper to him.   And his actions clearly say that he is a sympathizer with the most extreme of muslims.  He will not stop his fellow muslims in Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.  If pushed, he will surrender the whole damned country to them rather than oppose his fellow islamic whack jobs.

Which means that sometime in the next few years, if there isn't a radical change in policy, an ICBM with Arabic writing and a nuclear warhead on it is going to land on at least one major east coast city.  Boston, New York, Baltimore, D.C. 

The first thing to go down will be communications.  Our cell phones and computers.  Betcha.  So what's the plan?  Do you have an "if this, then that" plan with your far-flung family?  If this we'll hunker down but if that we'll bug out to x?  If communications aren't up in a week I'll meet you here or there?

I have a place in mind that I need to talk to a cousin about.  But I also need to make sure the family understands certain time frames, certain places, certain routes.  Because the whole world may get blacked out for us at some time and we need to know how we are going to reconnect in that blackness.


  1. We do. I've been offered many a position in DC and turned them down. I don't want to be anywhere near the east coast in the remainder of my lifetime. But I live in another major city, that could just as easily be a target, though we have a bug out country location if we can get out of the city. We have plans, food, supplies, and several ways out of dodge, some more stealthy than others. I hate to say it but we will likely see a strike on our country in yours and my lifetime.

  2. IRT our crypto-Muslim president, I found this interesting:

  3. Good things to know NOW rather than later...

  4. Good things to know NOW rather than later...