Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beat up, don't know about functional

After shedding a great deal of sweat in the yard today, I thought I'd snap a few pics and work on my gun "registry" a little tonight. The guns that came to my house after Dad died include a shotgun, which I finally took a closer look at this evening.  A couple of levers turn this

into this easy enough.

I find "Simmons Hardware Co." and "Expert Trap" on it, as well as Dad's social security number, etched into the barrel, but a search of the web hasn't turned up a serial number list for me to try to date it with.  I suspect it was used for groundhogs in the garden rather than for actual trap shooting.  Since we didn't have a garden from the early 60s on, it may have not been fired in 50 years.

It's a bit beat up.  But beat up just means character as far as I'm concerned.

At some point I'd like to shoot it - never fired a shotgun before.  Seems like one should be a standard in the home.  But I'll let someone with more knowledge than me give it a going over first. 


  1. I'd have it checked by a good gunsmith. What gauge is it?

  2. Looks like 12 gauge - it's about 18.5 mm across the bore.