Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ah, the digital age!

From my Nook-reading daughter:  "The problem with reading old books on the Nook is that they are scanned and then digitally converted, so sometimes the conversion is wrong...I wonder what "renioyecl toe towels" meant?"

Dickens probably would, too.

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  1. true dat, but he got paid by the word so he probably would have used it. Dickens had his characters tell stories that consumed hundreds of words that had no bearing on the story at hand whatsoever, in order to get hits on the "paypal" button.
    Belle asked what I wanted for my birthday a short while back. Usually my answer is "nothing". Yesterday, I decided I wanted a "nook" or a "kindle". So, I appreciate the heads up on the garbled scans, as I might have suspected that something was wrong with my (soon to be) new toy.