Saturday, September 24, 2011

Forget the survellance camera, I'll take one of these.

What London needed (from the AP):

A Florida company is giving new clients a voucher to buy an AK-47 assault rifle to defend themselves from violent crime.
Sarasota-based is a business that provides small stores and businesses with cash machines and credit card processing services.
Its "No Merchant Victim" program now offers a voucher that can be used to buy a gun such as an AK-47 from a local gun dealer, or upgraded security camera equipment, when clients have had its services for three months.
"We encourage all merchants to stand their ground against attack with lethal force," company president Gino Kauzlarich told AFP "Hence our recommendation they buy a firearm such as a AK-47... (But) what the merchant chooses to do with the voucher payment cash is the merchants choice."
He charged that US federal government plans to increase early releases from prison, particularly in California, will likely fuel violent crime such as assaults on merchants.
Kauzlarich also said that with 400,000-500,000 guns robbed annually in the United States "our goal is to effect a societal expectation shift that every criminal should expect to confront lethal force when they attack our merchants, rather than the criminal justice system protects the criminals well being during the commission of murders, robberies and crimes."
To me the critical line is "our goal is to effect a societal expectation shift that every criminal should expect to confront lethal force when they attack".

If the thugs who brutalized England a few weeks ago had known they would face more of this...

then this...

and this..

and this...

would have been far less likely to have happened.


  1. Wouldn't have happened period... Especially if they were Korean owned! Remember LA and the King riots???

  2. All I remember from that is that it was ruled that the officers should have stopped 9 seconds before they did or something like that. Which seemed odd. The Koreans took no crap?

  3. Nope, they were standing in the doors and/or on the roofs of their businesses and they WERE shooting looters... Pretty soon the looters got the idea that was NOT a good thing for them to try to rob those stores, or burn them either... :-)

  4. I really think if it were consistently made clear that actions like these have serious consequences then we would see the end of crap like flash mobs.