Monday, March 19, 2012


So a few weeks ago while I was taking a shift at our cold weather shelter one of the other volunteers who is a National Guard military cop commented that they were seeing a big uptick in the amount of supplies coming in to their depot.  It had led to them thinking that maybe they were going to get called up to deal with Occupy stuff. Now today we hear that on Friday Obama signed an executive order giving the president huge powers associated with martial law.

I need either a foil hat or more ammunition.


  1. I keep both the tin foil hat and the ammo handy. You can't be too careful you know!

  2. I'd say the later.

    This is a post from last year.

    Check out the photos at the photobucket link.

    1. Tie this and you own observations in with the new EO the prez signed this weekend and it'll give you the "willies".

  3. Even if you are wrong, more ammo can be used for other purposes. So buy more ammo. And some for your friends!

  4. @Keads & Rev - Better to wear the tin foil hat when not needed, than to be oblivious when we should be paying attention, I guess.

    @Matt - Sad that we so lack trust in those currently in power that "willies" is an understatement.

    @Andy & NFO - Yeah, at some point things will allow me to go shoot some more ammo up anyway.