Friday, March 2, 2012

Not Hiring this Gal

Nope.  Three years of law school and this is the best argument she can come up with – one that two seconds of analytical thinking can pull apart.  The only word I can think of for the testimony is “stupid.” 

As everybody probably knows by now, the usual suspects had one Sandra Fluke stand up before a Congressional hearing and bemoan that she and many of her fellow students are being seriously hurt by the cost of contraceptives.  Apparently, they are having a lot of sex over there at Georgetown, and she can barely get by on her scholarship money because she has to pay for contraceptives out of her own pocket.  My heart bleeds.

Pssst… come closer Sandra…I have a secret I want to share with you.  Closer…I want to make sure you can hear this… Pregnancy isn’t a disease.  In fact, it is a very natural thing, and necessary for the survival of the species – a species that has aborted and contracepted so heavily that many countries are becoming demographically irrelevant.  You need human beings to pay the taxes in order for the government to buy you stuff, by the way – it doesn’t come off a money tree.   And even if it was a disease, you already have access to a preventative that is absolutely free – self control.  I know you’d rather someone else be responsible for your actions, but oh, well.

On the other hand, oral contraceptives, quite aside from the fact that some of them act as abortafacients, have been associated with health problems such as blood clots.  Ask my neighbor how long she was laid up in the hospital a couple years ago because of her oral contraceptive.  So it could be argued that you and your pals are demanding that someone else pay to put a potentially dangerous drug in your system.  Shall the school provide you with an occasional cig as well?

And where are the men in this?  Well, letting you hold the bag for their fun – that’s where they are.  You are making sure that they won’t have to deal with responsibility.  Tell you what – ask your boyfriend to pay for the contraceptives that let him have his grins and giggles.  No steady boyfriend?  Multiple partners is called “high risk sex” – that also has known health risks.

So here’s a recommendation, Sandra.  Spend more time studying law, and less time having sex.  Maybe you might learn to put together a cogent argument.  Until then, ain’t no way I’d let you argue anything for me. 


  1. Seriously, those idiots can screw their brains out and I couldn't care less. Let them fornicate from the rooftops (I mean that figuratively, of course). But I'll be damned if I should have to pay for it. Because that's what they are demanding, that I pay for it. Insurance companies have to find the money somewhere for those morning-after pills and what not, and they are finding it in the customers who don't consume these pills.

  2. @Old NFO and fuzzys dad - Thanks.

    Broken Andy - I came up with a solution while running errands Saturday (you know how your mind wanders while sitting at a stop light...) - Warren Buffett doesn't think he pays enough taxes, i.e., he thinks he has too much money. So HE can write a check to Fluke. Problem solved - Buffett happy because he got rid of some of his money, Fluke happy because she can continue to make like a rabbit.

  3. Proud One. Couldn't agree more. These nut cases scream about Women's health. If having sex is dangerous to Women's health - THEN DON'T DO IT!

  4. @Derek - And this whole thing was a con set up by con artists.

  5. Yep Masters at changing the argument to put everyone on the defensive.