Thursday, May 9, 2013

Update. Sort of.

Not much new to tell.  The doc tested me for the bacteria that causes ulcers.  Interesting the way they do it.  You take a deep breath, hold it, then blow into a bag, where it's trapped and used as a baseline.  Then they give you a liquid you have to drink through a straw and while it doesn't taste bad per se it's so sour it makes your eyes water and your jaws hurt.  The purpose,  apparently, of the straw requirement and the sour liquid is to piss off the stomach and make it churn the bacteria up.  Then you blow into another bag. 

Doc says that even though the source of the pain seems like it's on the wrong side it could also be gall stones because everything in that area is all squished together and the pain can transfer. 

So I have prescription antacids to start just in case its ulcer related and now I wait for the test results and the ultrasound.  Although if I have pain at the level I had yesterday again before then I'm just going to go to the ER - I figure they'll automatically do an ultrasound and that'll get me a bit closer to, if not answers, an idea of what it's NOT.  Feel lousy, but not as bad as yesterday.  Have a stack of cans of chicken noodle soup, which seems to be OK in small doses.  And no real interest in eating anything.


  1. Wish it wasn't this, but at least it's not something more dangerous.

  2. My Prayers are still heading to God for you.

  3. Well, at least it's a 'step' in the right direction and hopefully answers and relief coming shortly!

  4. @Matt, Rev, David, Rick, NFO - Thanks. There are many things it could be but since it obviously has to be something I'll gladly take the more likely ulcer or gall stones rather than anything worse or harder to deal with. And it is making me clean up my eating and drinking act, which I needed to do anyway.