Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Endlessly Entertaining

I'm not able to ask the founders and builders of Washington, D.C., personally, but I'm willing to bet that they didn't intend for the nation's capital to be an endless source of entertainment in the "Gawd you people are stupid" way.  Yet so it has been for decades.  Of course the high point was Mayor Marion "The bit*ch set me up!" Barry's little bust as he was toking crack with a prostitute.

He's still in office.  Any office he can get.  And D.C. residents vote for him no matter what office he runs for.

Now he's got a book out, and it appears that he's just as capable of dumb statements during book interviews as Hillary Clinton is.  Seems he was asked about a tax that's being considered - a surcharge of some sort on health clubs.  It's being called the "yoga tax."  Barry is against it - yogurt is healthy and we shouldn't discourage people from eating it.

D.C.'s leadership.  And now you know why it doesn't get to play with real states.


  1. A democrat against a tax, seriously? Thought that was against their Prime Directive.

  2. Mr. Berry (don't laugh - the alternative was "Mr. Cornflakes" ... heh) would be much more entertaining if he didn't keep wasting other people's money.

  3. Sigh... Talk about low information/racist voters...

    1. Bet not a single voter could tell you WHY they vote for him.

  4. Only in the District of Corruption