Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Almost Forgot...

That it was election day.  I was laying in bed this morning and thinking I didn't have anyplace I had to go today.  Yeesh.  Maybe my brain got so tired of the ads that it blocked it out.

I know I'm slow.  Others have already posted about how great the Saturday blogshoot was.  It really was.  Those of you who were not here should have been.  But note for the future, and I'm sorry we didn't think to warn ahead of time - there are really only a couple hotels in town that I'd stay in.  We have a casino and track.  There's a lot of rental by the hour in some of those nearby hotels.  At least that's what I suspect - that's what they look like and I've heard rumors.  And there's the one where there was a murder.  Ick.

I was too busy watching to take pictures but I did get this one - pin shoot with flintlock.  It was great to be able to finally shoot a flintlock but unfortunately my arms are way to short - I'd have to have the stock cut down to use one.  It's interesting - black powder doesn't kick so much as push.

Along with her flintlock, Nancy brought a gift for The Crazy Cat Lady.

Catnip. Heh.  First comes the licking until soggy.

Then comes the rolling around and waving paws in air in a most undignified manner.  Blackberry is such a dignified old lady.  Until catnip gets involved.

Sunday was spent cleaning out old dresser, getting it out of room, and getting the new, much older dresser into place.  I had lots of help.  What's another 9 lbs of cat while moving an already really heavy dresser?

The new old stuff is factory made, around 100 years old, and oak.  Nothing special as antiques go - they've had repairs and are worn, but it was love at first sight despite the warts.   And they have half the space in them as the previous junk accumulators.  It really made me realize how much more stuff we own now than 100 years ago.  And a good deal of what I pulled out either went into the trash or to Good Will.  I found myself wondering why I had so many pairs of socks, why I had 8 pairs of jeans when I only wear a couple pairs between laundry days, and why I never threw that raggedy stuff away.

Gotta get some art on the walls, though.  And I'll be glad to replace that carpet next year.  It is so done.

And the final project of the weekend - start bringing the 2 outdoor cats slated for neutering soon in at night to see how they adapt to indoor life.  They have to be kept isolated from the other cats, but I have a spare bedroom to use.  All went well.  There reaction was "Hey! Dinner!" and "Pet me now!" and they made themselves right at home.  They've both been trying to get in my door for a while - they obviously are indoor cats that have been put out.  Because the room is small they'll just come in at night until surgery.  And once their blood tests come back clean, they'll move to another house where they will be spoiled and have plenty of room to roam.

They other cats saw me take them in and there was much curiousness.

Soon off to vote.  I'm so glad we still have paper ballots in this state.  I'm hearing call after call into a MD radio station from people who watched their Republican vote be switched to Democrat as they tried to vote. Never Democrat to Republican.  Wonder why that is?


  1. Replies
    1. I wish I had realized long ago that patience and poking around shops can yield antique furniture for no more or even less than what I paid for the new, cheaply veneered stuff I bought from the furniture store.

  2. Hey, I know that little cat in the last picture!

    1. He's a mouser, too. As 2 have found in the last day.

  3. Great to see you, and good luck with the cats... And seems there is a 'calibration' issue with the machines... Or so they say...

    1. Calibration, sure. Scariest was the one who called and said that after the judges being unable to get the vote to "stick", they had someone go into the machine and manually flip the vote to what the voter wanted. Why was there anyone there who can make the machine read as he pleases? And why wasn't the machine just pulled out of service?

  4. Good to see you again PH! I had a great time.