Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yep, I do.

280 lb thug roughs up storekeeper, steals.  Then attacks a police officer and tries to take his gun.  Black witnesses support the officer's story, black grand jury members find no reason to indict. 

I wish Officer Wilson and his new wife the best, and hope that they can build the life that the media and the race-baiters have tried to destroy.


  1. The race baiters in the District of Criminals will go out of their way to persecute the City of Ferguson, the police department, and Officer Wilson for as long & as hard as they can.

  2. As was mentioned on my Facebook feed, when it was leaked a couple weeks ago that the forensic evidence supported a gun grab attempt in the car, any smart person knew that it was all over but the cryin'. And the lootin', apparently.

  3. A lot of the action taking place is the Black-Bloc Occupy-Olympic Try-Outs - a little pyrotechnic-practice for the upcoming the Big Revolutionary Show they so desire. One guy setting fire to cars in Ferguson was a 60-yr old white guy. Perhaps a perpetual Grad Student?