Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I've Got A Bridge To Sell You

Holy Week.

The sentencing to 8 years in jail on Friday of a perpetrator of the failed 2016 car bomb attack on Notre Dame.

Thousands of attacks on French churches.

The clutter of renovation, which would make it much easier for an unauthorized person to wander around.

There is exactly zero chance I'll ever believe that so many coincidences came together at once and it was just an accident.

Charles Martel weeps because the land he sacrificed so much for is gone - voluntarily.

Attacks on French churches over the last 4 years

Poland is also full of churches. They haven't had this problem.  I wonder why?


  1. There is a Muslim infestation in France

    1. Although Steven King is otherwise an idiot, there's a phrase from his Dark Tower books that fits France: "You have forgotten the face of your father."

  2. Replies
    1. They've known slavery before and their immegration policies are so they don't go through it again. They aren't nearly as concerned about diversity as they are about freedom.