Friday, December 16, 2011


So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I felt the need to abuse myself by painting the downstairs bathroom.  Did I mention that it wasn't just painting, but a general facelift?  Did I mention that despite a great deal of experience in the reality that such projects ALWAYS take longer than I plan for, I was thinking "I can knock that out in a weekend"?

Well, it's finally done, as far as it's going to be done before Christmas.  The blah white... has some color...

And contractor fixtures...

... have been replaced with something I like a little better...

And of course when I took down the old light I discovered that the electrical box wasn't centered over the vanity.  I will connect white wire to white wire, black wire to black wire, ground to ground, but I'm not going to tackle moving an electrical box - I'll get an electrician in to do that.  So the light isn't up there as well as I'd like right now but I probably am the only one that notices.  And one of the stop cocks under the sink isn't working so I had to cut the water off at the pressure pump, which left enough water in the pipe that until I got the hose connected to the new faucet set I had a steady trickle of cold water running down my arm into my armpit.  And even though the house is new enough that the connections are straightforward, they haven't been loosened for 7 years and so there were a few minutes of concern that I wasn't going to be able to get the old out so that the new could go in.  But it finally let loose.  So far no signs of leaks.  I'll replace the stopcock another day.  As well as the silver shower fixture - I wasn't going to get into that right now, either.

And as I was laying under the sink a couple questions occured to me:  1)  Why do bathroom cabinets have to be raised high enough off the floor that you have to assume a completely unatural position in order to work under the sink?  and 2)  Why is it that every time you reach for a tool after you have crawled in and assumed that unatural position the one that comes to hand is the wrong one?

So now to get the Christmas tree and decorations up.  Finally.


  1. Nice job! Bathrooms take about 10 minutes to roll paint, and about 10 hours to cut in all the edging. I'd rather paint a racketball court.
    I like that fixture and faucet. We have one very similar in our powder room. You've reminded me of a related story. I feel a blog post coming on.

  2. Nice. I especially like the new light fixture. I hate those chrome and round ball monstrosities.

  3. @Andy, Keads, k59, Six - Thanks!

    @kx59 - Yes, the prepping is horrible, especially when you are trying to get around the commode. And edging took forever because the ceiling is high and I had to stand on the top step of the ladder and that meant I had to be very very careful.

    @Six - I suspect the chrome and round ball was chosen due to the fact that it's about the cheapest out there. And it covered up the fact that the box isn't centered.

    Unfortuanely, my brain's wee light went on last night - the box isn't centered because there's a stud running right down the center. Which means I need to do some other finagling.