Monday, December 5, 2011

We Occupied

I'm slow, I know...

Saturday's blog shoot was a hoot, enjoyed myself thoroughly.  Many thanks to Murphy's Law for arranging it, for manufacturing ammo for my Arisaka and getting the spring it needed to make it a five shot again.  Bet that old gun's going BANG for the first time in +60 years would have made Dad happy.  And thanks to everyone for letting me test out various guns and shoot up your ammo. 

It was great meeting folks that have only existed electronically up until now - hope we can do it again and get even more folks together.  Peacemaker is a great range, with the added plus of glorious views of the mountains.  And we could not have ordered better weather.

Despite the number of guns I handled (and how tired my hands and arms got doing it), Saturday actually allowed me to narrow things down a bit.  I always practice with the S&W Airlite because that's the one I've got right now and I need to be used to it.  I always take my Browning 1922 because it's fun to shoot, though I need more magazines because I spend more time reloading the one I have than I do shooting. But the baby Kahr and Glock that Old NFO brought, and the middle size Glock that ML brought suited me particularly well.  And an M-1 carbine is so at the top of my rifle want list. 

I think I finally understand what "in the pocket" feels like - no bruises this time.  But my little arms and hands were tired by the end of the shoot.  And somehow I started the day with the total delusion that I was going to spend a whole day outside in crisp, cool air shooting, eat, then come home and work on the house.  Yeah.  No.  I came home and crawled in the shower, put my p.j.s on, and fired up Netflix.  Started a documentary about the history of the Greeks and realized that I had no ability to absorb it so switched over to an old George Burns movie. 

So Occupy Peacemaker (or Occupy Right to Keep and Bear Arms, as the sign said) was a success in my book - a lot of fun, some learning, and money going off to a good cause.  See everybody at the next one!


  1. Glad you got a chance to shoot some different pistols, THAT is the real key to making your next purchase, and really being able to 'relate' the different grips/sight pictures/actions to what you are comfortable with.

    It was a pleasure to meet you also, and look forward to doing this again!

  2. @Old NFO - and it has evolved as I've handled more guns.

    @David - I got your message in my mail box but your comment has not appeared here. Don't know why. But linking over is fine. Comment on this comment and leave your blog site address. We'll see if that one appears.

  3. Proud Hillbilly, it was nice to meet you. I too felt exhausted when I got home, but it was blast.

  4. @Andy - hours of crisp, cold air and holding a weight steady - amazing how exhausting.

  5. @Keads - Back atcha! You'll have to come back and ride with ML in the front seat again some time...:-)

  6. Good! Realistic options are always better!