Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well, now.  There are some fashion styles that one just wishes would go away, and that whole "my pants are down around my knees" thing is one of them.  The only good thing I can think about it is that if someone who is making that particular fashion statement runs from the poh-lice they are likely to be seriously  hampered by a waistband riding at mid-thigh.

Apparently, one school in South Carolina is tired of droopy-drawered students and now keeps spare belts around, offering an option of belting up or being referred for discipline for dress code violation.  One hopes that catching the sagging early will prevent more serious infractions later in life.

Article can be read here.


  1. That's enough to put you off your feed.

  2. Be glad the photo wasn't from the front...

  3. @Stephen - Even worse that plumber's crack...

    @Andy - Ha ha!

    @quizikle - Oh yes indeed!