Monday, February 6, 2012

Judged - And Found Wanting

Turns out this is from last August, but it still was entertaining.

Seems one Justin Newberry was driving with his Taurus Judge floating around loaded and unsecured under his car seat.  He stopped suddenly, which caused it to slide out.  As he was rumaging around for it he managed to grab the trigger.  Put a .410 slug through one leg and into the other.

Not to worry - Justin got help quickly enough.  But it wasn't his best day.  A quick look in the car by responding police found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and several stolen i.d.s.

Several levels of dumbness going on there...

The whole story is here.


  1. Stupidity frequently provides its own reward, and he was no exception.

  2. 'Somthing' tells me he's not one of the fine upstanding citizens out there... Just sayin...

  3. @Keads - Guess he wasn't thinking about the 4 safety rules...

    @Rev and NFO - Not quite a Darwin Award candidate, but very close.