Friday, February 3, 2012

Unexpected Friday

Dear Mom -

When you took this pic last week you had no idea that today would be a long and expensive day at the vet's. Good thing you love me lots.

Love and kisses on your nose,

Perrry (aka your big eyed baby boy)


  1. @Keads - Looks like he will be.

    @ML - His blood tests had been registering something wrong for a month. Last night I realized he kept going into one of the tubs and followed him, to discover that he was trying to pee but only drips with blood were coming out. Vet says it's not an infection, but something they see sometimes in young male cats as the days get longer - they don't know exactly why but they figure it's hormone affected. So he's full of IV fluid, pain killers, and other drugs I don't recognize - the purpose of which is to keep crystals and stones from forming until this passes.

  2. @Mad Mike and @NFO - Thanks. Mommy is tired from worry. You think when your kid leaves home that's over. And then you get a pet.

  3. Cats can make you crazy with their behavior ... and then make you crazy with worry when they DON'T behave normally. I hope he's okay.

  4. I hope he is better soon. He's lucky to have you as him Mom.

  5. I hope you kitty gets better soon.
    I have some kitty critters myself.

  6. @Rev - Yep.

    @Brigid - Thanks. He's not pacing and crying as much today.

    @fuzzys dad - Thanks.