Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Would Need a Shower

No, this doesn't have anything to do with Sandy.

There are many, many reasons why I will not vote for Barak Obama.  The truth is, I will no longer vote for anyone who adheres to the Democrat Party.  If there is no acceptable choice from another party on the ballot, I will withhold my vote.

As I said, there are many reasons, but at core they all boil down to the fact that I find the contempt which (D) has for people, in particular the American people, to be appalling.  Republicans are waging a "War on women"?  Really, the best, most correct statement I've heard about the (D) position on women is one of opposition:  "I am not a walking vagina."  Yet that is how the party treats women, and their platform has made that clear.  It was bad enough when they elevated a professional student activist (translation - "I can't get myself together enough to finish up and actually try for a real career.") to the patron saint of free and unlimited contraception and abortion.  The reasoning used for her exultation is so shallow and empty that her supporters should be ashamed, but she has become a goddess to the (D) party.  Then came the convention.  Ted Kennedy worshiped,  yet he was notorious for his disregard of women, particularly one who never got to live as long as he did.  A keynote speech by Bill Clinton, a man equally contemptuous of women:  they are to be used and discarded, and accusations of rape have been accepted as "Oh, he just can't keep his pants zipped."  A public celebration of the predatory male.  And a whole day, with Saint Sandra involved, of promising unlimited contraception and abortions paid for by others, that payment extracted, if necessary, by threat of punishment.  As if that is THE major concern of American women.  As if that doesn't just give a free pass to every predatory male on the planet to put the responsibility on the woman.  The chronic cheater is the major beneficiary of the (D) attitude toward women.

There was much howling and gnashing of teeth when Rush Limbaugh called St. Sandra a slut.  Truth is, he did indeed use the wrong word.  The proper word is "whore".  Because  that is what the (D) party has demanded that the American woman become, whoring her vote for the promise of the Federal government supplying whatever she desires.  As if we haven't had decades since the start of the so called "sexual revolution" to watch the disease, death, heartbreak, poverty, and broken children that have been the outcome of the of the ignorant idea that unlimited sex cures all ills and that people have an unlimited right to whatever they want. 

An ad comparing voting for Obama to a girl's first sex.
A very public calling of a political opponent "a bull shitter" by a sitting president (D).
The reference to 4 dead Americans as "bumps in the road" by the same.
Ads from major supporters in which elderly people say things like "...we'll burn this motherfucker down" and "...I'm  going to track Romney down and give him the world's biggest cock punch."
A (D) vice-president who asks a grieving father if his son always "had balls the size of cue balls".
A man set up as to take the fall for the dereliction of duty, deaths, and massive foreign policy failures in Libya by a (D) administration.  The man still sitting in jail, lied about for weeks after.

That is just a small sample of their contempt for others.  There is not even space to go into the constant drum pounding that people are too stupid and too weak to do anything without the Federal government's help.  There is not even space to go into the party's demand that blacks toe their line, becoming a furious Massa when someone like Allen West goes off their (D) plantation, sending the patterollers after them to beat them down with all the ugliness of a party that is indeed liberal - liberal in spewing contempt for anyone who disagrees with them. There is not even space to go into the lawlessness of this administration, supported by people who will look at you straight faced and babble "You can't legislate morality" and at the same time argue for Obamacare, which legislates the morality of millions.  Supported by people who say that the Constitution is no longer relevant and can be disregarded by the administration but hide behind laws - and what is the Constitution but the highest law in the land?- when they happen to like them.

The (D) platform and its representatives hold people in contempt.  Anybody running in agreement with that platform, even at school board level, is saying that they agree with that contempt. And they are saying that they want political office more than they want to maintain their integrity.  There is no way I will cast my vote for that.  And I don't understand how anyone could politically associate with this without feeling they needed a shower afterward.  I don't understand how anybody can sit in a (D) party headquarters anywhere on election night.  Because the same classless, arrogant party who holds ME in contempt, hold THEM in contempt as well.  Anybody who thinks otherwise is only fooling themselves.


  1. @Rev, mizdeb (welcome!), ML, David, agirl - Thanks. I find their contempt contemptible...

  2. Great Post PH.
    had you gone into the "weak needing the federal gubmint" I'd have kept reading.
    Well done.

  3. Here's a prime example of the ignorance of the left. An obama supporter in the next room was expounding on what he deemed the hypocrisy of pro-life people. His "logic" is this: Miscarriages and pre-mature births are the fault of the mother not caring for her baby. So if pro-life people say abortion is murder, the mom should charged with killing her baby.

    He doesn't realize how close he was to getting is ass kicked. However, because I was armed, I refrained from confronting him. An armed society IS a polite society.

    1. When he says that in the hearing of a woman who has had a miscarriage, particularly one who has suffered through multiple miscarriages while desperately trying to have a child, he WILL (I hope) get his ass kicked.