Sunday, October 28, 2012


Gutters cleaned - check
Drainage ditches cleared - check
Drinking water in - check
Kerosene heater filled and tested - check
Tub filled for flushing toilet - check
Camp stove from ML tomorrow - check
Oil in lamps - check
New batteries in radio and flashlights - check
Plenty of ammo - check
Plenty of food - check
Plenty of wine - check
Whether or not we get damage, I'm ready for winter now, anyway.


  1. Us too except for a kerosene heater. We don't have that. Be safe!

    1. You too! I don't like the heater - it's smelly - but I haven't had the $$$ to put in a wood stove yet.

  2. Replies
    1. As long as no trees introduce themselves to my roof, I'm hunkered down and prepped. I'm happier, though, when you North Carolinians keep hurricanes to yourselves.

  3. Nothing like a little 'helping hand' to speed up the process, right? Stay warm and dry out there Lady!

  4. Replies
    1. All's well. Filling the tub with water for flushing was the juju I needed to keep the power on.

      Your house still good?

  5. The winter season is fast approaching! Oh, no! But, I think it's oh yes for you. :) You're well-prepped now. But you forgot something; you didn't install any snow guards on your roof. Basically, snow guards can protect you from possible falling icicles that formed in your roof. I think you should also include that one on your list.

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