Thursday, June 20, 2013

Call Out The Pattyrollers!

He's off the plantation!  Liberal heads explode!


In the eyes of the Democrat Party, blacks are suckers to be manipulated to maintain power.  Elbert Guillory finally declared that he won't be a part of the betrayal of the black community anymore.

But of course he'll be called an Uncle Tom, or an Oreo, and/or all the other lovely things blacks are called when they finally reject the cultural slavery so many others accept.

Yeah, I know.  I'm racist.


  1. RACIST!

    Somebody had to say it first, but I don't mean it. :)

  2. They'll throw him under the bus now... He's a traitor to teh 'class'...

    1. Yes - he no longer serves their purpose.

      I just hope he is willing to fight the liberalism in the Republican Party itself.