Monday, June 10, 2013

It's A Trust Thing

Pat Archibald puts it so well over at National Catholic Register.  "It's a trust thing", he says.  I do not trust big government.  Inevitably, a large government, which is just a synonym for socialism, brings nothing but suffering for the people it ostensibly claims to serve.  When St. Thomas More named his imaginary land Utopia in 1516, he was well aware that the word was made up of the Greek for "not" and "where" - the island of perfection was nowhere.

But the government, especially this latest incarnation of it, has repeatedly shown that it does not care about truth or our constitutionally protected freedoms and has trampled upon them with various combinations of lying, subterfuge, intimidation, and demagoguery.  Just the last months alone have myriad cases of the government abusing its power in direct assault on the freedom of religion, freedom of press, the rights of assembly, and on matters of national security.
In almost every way imaginable, our government has brazenly violated the trust placed in it and the oaths of its members.  Most of these transgressions have taken place with the full consent and imprimatur of all three branches of our unchecked government.

I am not shocked, not shocked at all.  Liberalism - and I don't consider the Bush clan to be strongly conservative, although I think they have more integrity than the Clintons or Obama - lacks a true core.  It lacks the ability to understand that there is no such thing as a little bit of evil - that given a crack in the door evil pours in and takes what it wants.  The ends justify the means, and with the feel good Utopia, Nowhere, as a goal, they think they can crack the door and use a little evil to get to there.  Now some, the ones who aren't still blaming it on Bush or making excuses, are surprised that evil has slammed the door back and left their noses bruised and bloodied as it rushed in. 

And it IS evil.  An over-reaching, corrupt state always is.

Archibald's  full commentary can be read here.


  1. Yep, he nails it, and so do you! Thanks!

  2. @NFO, Rev, Rick - Like Gosnell, this is the logical end of a particular way of thinking. It's impossible to be surprised by it - it's what always happens when you start with concept A. You will ALWAYS end up at point B.