Friday, June 21, 2013

Well. Drat. Project Delayed.

"Boy", I thought.  "Digging and moving dirt sure does work the core muscles."  "But," I thought, "I shoulda bought the more expensive wheelbarrow.  This cheap one flexes too much."


Guess that project is on hold until I can tote another wheelbarrow home on Saturday.


  1. No lumber laying around which you could cut down to make a new handle with?

    It always pays to get the best you can afford; learned that lesson the hard way, like most folks. :)

    1. Well, even if I had the tools to cut something down properly, what you can't see is that I'd already had to apply duct tape. But, yeah, I got what I paid for.

  2. Actually, if it's a quality barrow, you can order replacement handles, if not... well... :-) Sorry to hear the delay and $$ that's going to cost.