Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Last Flight

So ends the last flight of the space shuttle Discovery:

She just touched down at Dulles, on her way to her new home at the Air and Space Annex.  I watched the live feed - I meant to go over for to see it but time got away from me this morning.  For the first time I can remember, I regretted not being at the office in Silver Spring:  they got a good look during the fly by.

I remember not being in space.  And now it's so common that we forget when we have a crew on the space station.  When Columbia launched in 1981, it was Star Trek, Heinlein, Bradbury, and Asimov all at once, the dreams of a kid whose sci-fi reading started with  The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet coming true.

We'll go back into space in a serious way - humans have too much of a drive to explore to retreat from that challenge for long.  I hope to see us on Mars before my dreaming ends, and I think that's a possibility.

And I'm thinking of running down on Thursday for a look - Enterprise and Discovery will be sitting nose to nose for the day.


  1. I wouldn't be able to visit them now without crying like a baby. What has happened to our space program is a national disgrace.

  2. @Rev - I was crying as she landed. What has happened is massively short sighted. And completely contrary to our nature. Which is why I think it won't last.

  3. It breaks my heart to see our space program becoming muslim out reach.

  4. We used to have a space program. But then the stupid people and the racists teamed up to elect Obama. Elections definitely have consequences.

  5. Amen! By the way, I still own a copy of The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet. It was a great story.

  6. I'm on the road again tomorrow, please DO and take pics!!! :-)

  7. @Rick & ML - Yeah, I had a strange and apparently misguided idea that it was a science agency. Silly me.

    @Jon - Wow! I was just out searching catalogs to see if I could get a copy from a library!

    @NFO - If I can get down there I will be taking pics for sure.