Monday, April 30, 2012


So I seem to be in the back of an SUV with it's back seats down - a couple of us are traveling as cargo, sort of.  I seem to know the others in the vehicle with me, although there's a vagueness to them.  It's dusk-ish.  My shirt slides to the side and the guy next to me sees that I'm carrying.  I don't know what I was carrying - appeared to be a semi-automatic of some sort.  "Are you CRAZY?!  We're in Maryland now!  You can't have a gun in Maryland!"  Oh crap!  Panic - I don't want to be caught with it if only because I don't want to lose the gun.  So I pull up the mat we are laying on and tuck it under there.  Then - ack! - I seem to have my .38 on the other hip!  Ack!  Hide it! Hide it!  Just in time, because we arrive at our destination.  Which seems to have something to do with a class of some sort.  And the dream goes on and on and all the vehicles look exactly the same, it's always dim-approaching-dark, and we are never in the same vehicle twice.  I have no idea where my guns are. And I'm really bummed.

Then I wake up and now I know where all my guns are and I don't live in Maryland anymore and that's a very good thing.


  1. Yes, any morning you wake up to find that you are not in Maryland is a good day.

  2. I don't know anything about MD, but "where you are" sounds a whole lot better than "where you thought you were".

  3. @Andy - I would be even more impoverished by taxes if I was.

    @Rev - When you think Maryland, think Socialism.

  4. Holy cow, what a nightmare! You know, I'm on the Chantix and as soon as i have a good, really weird dream will post it up for laughs.

    I'm glad that you're not in MD either....

  5. @Southern Belle - I'm not sure which was worse, the fear of losing the guns, the fear of losing my WV CC permit, or the fact that I didn't seem to be interested in whatever the class was and I've sworn never to go back to school for anything except fun stuff.