Friday, April 19, 2019

Well. Detroit Area Catholics Have a Privilege Other Catholics Don't Have...

If you are familiar with Catholic Lenten practices, you know that during Lent Fridays are days of abstinence from meat.  This is actually much looser than it once was, when meat was forbidden during the entirety of the the season. Except in the Detroit area.  Apparently, during the 1700s, missionaries realized that food was already scarce by Lent and didn't want to burden their flock by forbidding a readily available source of nutrition.

Yep.  Muskrat.  For purposes of Lent, not meat.  Also, according to the late Bishop Kenneth Povish, the one-time head of the Lansing Diocese: "Anybody that eats muskrat is doing an act of penance worthy of the greatest of saints."

What I wonder, though, is if there IS a restriction on how it's prepared:

H/T My sister and Detroit Free Press

Thursday, April 18, 2019

How Do They Do That?

Someone carrying cans of gasoline is nabbed in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York a couple days after the Notre Dame fire and they say "The man's intentions were not immediately known."  How do you say something that stupid with a straight face?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I've Got A Bridge To Sell You

Holy Week.

The sentencing to 8 years in jail on Friday of a perpetrator of the failed 2016 car bomb attack on Notre Dame.

Thousands of attacks on French churches.

The clutter of renovation, which would make it much easier for an unauthorized person to wander around.

There is exactly zero chance I'll ever believe that so many coincidences came together at once and it was just an accident.

Charles Martel weeps because the land he sacrificed so much for is gone - voluntarily.

Attacks on French churches over the last 4 years

Poland is also full of churches. They haven't had this problem.  I wonder why?

Monday, April 15, 2019

I Know It's Technically Just A Building...

...but watching Notre Dame burn hurts my heart.

Even if you aren't Catholic, that's more than 900 years of history going up in flames.

Funny thing was that when I heard I had 2 thoughts at once:  "Muslims" and "Old wiring". 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

It's Dead

A hook above the TV that I need to move is, anyway.  I've shot it repeatedly, and it's thoroughly dead. 

My hands are getting stronger and the sensitivity is abating.  My plan now is to make up a magazine's worth of  dummies and rack and fire, rack and fire. Then reload the magazine and rack and fire, rack and fire.  Gives me an excuse to not climb up there and move the hook like it needs to be moved.

And, yes, even though I know that I haven't reloaded this gun since I brought it down to practice with, I check it every time before I start dry-firing. 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

What Tam Said

Even if it is a bad guy and not a family member, pet, or drunk neighbor, ensconcing oneself in a safe position, dialing 911, and loudly announcing that you have a gun and have called the cops is likely to save money for carpet cleaning bills and legal fees.    
Tam pretty much states my plan.  I have a loaded gun next to the sofa downstairs.  My plan if I ever hear anything that sounds like an unwanted visitor breaking in is to grab the gun, release the safety, and... not try to go upstairs.  Out the door and a phone call to the police would be the plan.  Upstairs, same thing.  Grab the gun, quietly close and lock the bedroom door, put the bed between myself and the door, and call 911.  With the last part not so quiet.  Bangety is great fun in the controlled environment of the range, and I've made the decision that I will go bangety if I ever really have to,  but I'd rather not go bangety unless absolutely forced into it.  And I don't want to be having to move myself and the cats into a hotel room in the middle of the night because there's a nasty mess in the hallway.

I do have the advantage of security cameras around the house that constantly feed to my phone.  I don't have to go check out a noise:  I just pull the feed up.  Given that I live in the woods, there's lots of noise around my house, even in the winter. Raccoons and opossums are nightly visitors because I have food out for the ferals.  After so many years, I can tell which one is out there just by how much noise they make: the opossum is much quieter in its explorations than the raccoon is.  I hear movement and a bit of dish rattling but not the rambunctious thumping and bumping the raccoon makes.

Funny thing is that the largest of my visitors is the one I've never heard.  I haven't seen any sign of him yet this year, but last year he explored my decks and porch several times.  And pooped on my steps, wrecked the metal crook the bird feeder hangs from, and got into the garbage the one night I forgot and left the bin out.  That was the only way I knew he'd been by until I checked the security video.