Tuesday, December 5, 2023

No Regrets

She showed up pregnant.  I made a deal with the local animal welfare folks: I would foster her kittens until they could take them and I would keep Mama.

This is her first Christmas with me.

No regrets.

Monday, June 26, 2023

The Trans Fraud...

 ... is the mentally ill child of a "study" done by a pervert who presented his failed experiment as a success.

Yeah, I've been gone a while, so this will probably not get much in hits, but I'm JUST SO TIRED of this.  Most people had a "live and let live" attitude.   But then we were pressured to accept disordered attitudes as "normal".  Even if it violated our religious beliefs.  Those we had left alone refused to leave US alone. And no, we don't hate anyone.  We just believe that sex and marriage have specific definitions and places in society and the ignoring of those has not done society any favors.  And, believe me, I'm not the least bit afraid of those prancing, badly made up, mentally ill chanters who were out last weekend.  "Phobic" is very much misused.  

But over the last couple years a mental illness has descended on the US, if not the world.  And the masks are coming off.  Whether "gay" or "trans" they can't reproduce, and they've finally admitted that the only way they can keep their numbers up is to indoctrinate children and their parents.  Some places - Minnesota comes to mind - want to make pedophiles a protected class and are trying to conceal what they are by changing the name used for them.  As if "minor attracted person" is not still someone who is an incurable danger to children.

Which was pretty much what we predicted, same as we predicted and proved right when we said that "safe and rare" abortion was a lie that would evolve into a form of birth control that would be demanded up until birth.

But back to the origin of the "trans" lie.  Once upon a time twin boys were born.  Circumcision went horribly wrong for one, Bruce.  Taken to a Johns Hopkins specialist named John Money, the parents were told to completely castrate the injured twin and raise him as a girl, never telling him that he was really a boy.  And to bring both twins back regularly for examinations.  Trusting Money, they regularly left the boys alone with him until the boys grew old enough to refuse to go.  Turned out Money had been requiring them to get naked and simulate sex acts, including intercourse, for his "study."  Bruce, raised as a girl and given hormones, never accepted that he was female and retained male characteristics even though he didn't find out the truth until he was 15.  Eventually, he changed his name to David, married, and adopted children.  Unfortunately, his twin died of an overdose, and David eventually committed suicide, both victims of the perversion of a so-called researcher.  

But the story doesn't end there.  Money published his "study", touting it as a successful study that proved that gender can be reassigned when in reality Bruce/David totally disproved that.  And the gates of hell were happily opened - people have accepted the lie.  They "follow the science." But it's really a destructive non-science.  

More detail can be found here.

And I wish people would stop referring to the likes of Lea Thomas and Dylan Mulvaney as "she".  Their delusions have not changed anything.  If they were born a he, they are still a he and people should not feed into their delusions and manipulations.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Silly Bear. Er, Dog.

I also have cats.  So years ago, after the second doggy door was knocked out of the door between the TV room/library and the laundry room, I had a pass-through put in the wall so the cat pans can be hidden in the laundry room.  

Unfortunately some dogs view litter pans as tootsie roll dispensers.  Copper is one of those dogs and has recently discovered the pass through.  I'm now keeping the pans super clean. And he's providing me with no end of entertainment.

Friday, October 7, 2022

Oh, Yeah. THAT Wasn't Suspicious.

Text from neighbor today: did I see a guy walking past the house a little while ago?  No, I was on the back side of the house.  And Copper was engrossed in a frozen soup bone and didn't bark.  Seems that she saw guy walking by the house and then turn off and go into the bushes.  She went out and asked if she could help him.  He brushed her off with a nonsensical answer, then walked on.  Shortly after, a pickup truck pulled up, the driver went into the bushes and returned with a pouch, then left.

Uhhhhh.  Yeah.  Since she wasn't expecting such a flagrant bit of drug transfer she doesn't have enough info to feel it can be reported to the Sheriff.  Now we're waiting for them to be dumb enough for a repeat so info like plate # can be snagged.

Update:  Bad guy was accidently released by the VA county next to us.  Has been seen a couple blocks down from me.  Doors are locked, guns are checked.

Update to update:  Bad guy is back in custody.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Classified vs Declassified

This whole dust up over the Mar-A-Lago raid and "we're scared he has classified documents" reminds me of long long ago in a galaxy far far away when I worked for a gummit agency that was involved with Nike missile bases. Specifically, positioning the launch sites.  Eventually, some years after the Nikes were decommissioned, our work was declassified. A gummit spook came in and used a black magic marker to mark out the super secret stuff. And because the spook was taking the originals my agency made copies. There were a lot of documents so everybody was detailed for shifts of copy detail. And I quickly realized that things went faster if I didn't close the copier lid at each page. So I watched the light flash under each sheet.

I'm still laughing 40 years later.

Did I mention 1) the "classified" work had been stored in folders that everybody had access to all the time?  or 2) that by law all our work had to be in PEN? Which makes an impression on paper. That isn't hidden by magic marker. And because of that every time the copier light flashed the blacked out data was clearly visible.  

I've been dubious about the classified/declassified thing ever since.