Saturday, August 18, 2018

I've Never Had...

... a root canal.  But I'm pretty sure it's more fun than chemo.

And cheaper.  They slapped this little thing on my arm after Monday's infusion:

$14,000. Each.  Battery powered, it startled the heck out of me 27 (why 27?) hours later when it beep-beeped and started ticking as it infused.

And about 24 hours after that goes in, just as you are finally getting your stomach under control (INDIGESTION!!!! REFLUX!!!) and the feeling of being on a bad drunk is easing, your bones and muscles decide to hurt like you've been in a bad car accident.

I've gone from taking minimal medications and nothing otc to having a pill box full of stuff to deal with the fact that I'm being carefully poisoned. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

On The One Hand... have the New York Times backing their new hire, South Korean-born Sarah Jeong, even though she has a solid anti-white track record that includes saying how much she enjoys being cruel to old white men.

On the other hand, white men who never got old because they died in a war that ensured that Miss Sarah wouldn't be born in a country ruled by a communist dictatorship are finally coming home.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Being laid up, I'm watching more TV than normal. Current binge - NYPD Blue.  And I notice that everybody is carrying snubbies.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


So somewhere around 2 am I realized that I'm still a data geek.   And that the plots I was making aren't quite right because some of them are focused on ALL recalls and some are focused on food alone.  Plus they've  only been uploading stuff since about 2006 and even then the data isn't consistant.  So, fa.  And face palm.  I'm horrified that I'm still a geek.  And right now I'm trying to NOT persue a way of pulling just the food info from the total number of recalls.

But I can at least tell you that the Ritz recall is because they were given a heads up that a whey product they use MIGHT be contaminated.  And the Taco Bell cheese dip thing is because it MIGHT seperate and that MIGHT create an environment that MIGHT allow bad things to grow.

I don't eat any of that stuff to begin with.  But if I did I wouldn't panic. And would probably just continue to eat it.

In the meantime, the chemo port went in yesterday.  It's not done under general anesthesia but I can tell you that they pretty much make you stoned and fine with it all. Then you come home and sleep the rest of the day. Then the pain catches up.  Fortunately, there's Tylonal.  And beer.  Did I mention that the antibiotic they gave me for the infection I got after the original surgery led to a c. diff.  infection, which led to an antibiotic that I had a bad reaction to?  And that I couldn't drink with? Yeah, it's been fun.

Two places where they shoved the port in and a tube in are very bruised and sore. My body is not happy with this. Not happy at all.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Oh, That's Rather Funny

It's been a very busy day and I have tons of stuff to do but, oh, well.

You know how people are just berserk/whack-job-crazy.   TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP FOAMS-AT-MOUTH TRUMP TRUMP MAKES-SELF-LOOK-REALLY-STUPID crazy.  It's annoying but it's probably a good thing because it's just wearing people out and making the ignorance of the rabid anti-Trumpers really, really public.  Good recent example:  Ocasio-Cortez in New York blathers that unemployment numbers are better because everybody is working more than one job to survive and Liz Warren thinks that it sounds so good that she repeats it amongst her own blather shortly after.  Well, that's not how unemployment numbers are derived, but let that go.  A quick visit to the web site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics web page where they provide government data and lo and behold you find that only 4.9% of the labor force is working more than one job.  Which means that 95.1% of the work force is NOT working more than one job.

Today, people were freaking out over some junk food recalls, including Kraft's Taco Bell cheese dip.  And, in all caps, someone over at a facebook site was TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP LACK OF REGULATIONS WE ALL GONNA DIE!  So I got curious.  The FDA website  has recall info, and I started poking around.  They combine info for human and animal food as well as medicines in their lists and my spot checks for before 2006 didn't find any archived data.  Nor did I find data for 2009 or 2011.  Also, we are more than half way through the year, with only 49 recalls, so I simply used 100 for that.   I'm going to try to remember to go back and revise the figure when the 2018 numbers come out.  But I find a rather funny pattern in the recall numbers vs the year.  I haven't figured out how to lay administration info over this but you probably see what I mean.

Now I have to figure out how to normalize by number of inspections performed. Trouble is, some of the archived data starts at 10/1/2008, the inspection summaries start FY 2006, and I haven't even looked at the USDA site yet.  Maybe I'll just back out of the rabbit hole.  Or stick in the plot of the number of FDA food violation summaries...

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Recommendation ...

... for Peter Strzok.

DC is chock full of liars.  If you are going to compete with them you need to get much better at it.  In particular, you need to stop smirking while you lie. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

So. I Get A ...

...chemo port.

I'm just hoping no one mistakes it for an alien invasion.