Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Heh. Clever Coexistance.

So, in NC last weekend 'cause my great-nephew will arive in May...

I think I'm nearly as excited as the grandparents-to-be are.

And on the way back to my sister's after the baby shower we stopped at one of the many micro-breweries that have cropped up in the Raleigh area in the last couple years:

It's directly across the street from a church. That was clever enough to put this sign in their yard:


On the home front, our regular vet, after studying Precious' files and biopsy reports from her emergency surgery, thinks that the problem may be parasites and we are now doing a 10 day round of white chalky stuff that will be followed by Drontal.  Drontal being a humongous pill that has an awful bitterness to it so you only get one good shot at getting it in.  If the victim, er, patient licks it all hope is lost - you won't get them out from under the sofa for a year.  Been there, done that, with last year's gazillion kittens. Precious was de-wormed as well but sometimes it takes more than one dose to kill the various buggers that strays can be infested with.

And I'm giving weekly B 12 shots - apparently she's not absorbing the vitamin properly from her food.

Right now just being on a prescription diet seems to have helped - I suppose it's less aggravating to irritated bowels.  She had lost 2 pounds - a lot for a cat that was less than 8 pounds to start with.  But she's gained 1 of those pounds back.  And she's back to being a total love bug every time I sit down.  Fortunately she's very forgiving about me shoving icky stuff down her throat and sticking her with needles.  I'll be happiest when she goes back to counter surfing but things are definately improving.

And Scooter is, happily, his same old self.  Gads he reminds me so much of Blu.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I Don't Get The Upset

People are all upset over today's attack in in London.   Why?  Muslims have announced over and over what they intend to do and how they intend to do it. And countries just smile and say "Come on in!"  Today was attack number 30,497 since 9/11.  They are just keeping their promises.

And how about that rape of a 10 year old girl in Sweden by some poor refugee? Ain't diversity grand?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Good News

Got the results from Precious' biopsies today.  The only negative in the lot was that she isn't absorbing vitaman B properly.  If that's a permanent state it can be supplimented by a monthly injection, which isn't a problem. I've had a diabetic cat that had to have daily insulin injections and Blackberry had to have subcutaneous fluids the last 3 months of her life.  Giving a once a month injection is no problem.

They also say she might have inflammatory bowl syndrome just like humans do. Which can be controlled by diet.

The one thing the emergency vet says we need to do that had actually passed through my mind is repeat tests for intestinal parasites.  She said that sometimes they can "hide" and be missed.  Then they "bloom."  Precious had both giardia and tapeworms.  More kittens came in after she did, plus I battled that flea infestation for months even after she was treated, and fleas are carriers.  I've sometimes wondered if she could have been re-infected.

They didn't tell me until the tests came back negative that they were looking for cancer.  But I had already thought about that a lot.

She loves the prescription food as well as the chicken I poached and pureed for her.  She's eating like a horse.  If this is permanent I'll be making cat food at home - that prescription stuff cost me $78 for less than a month's supply.  I can buy things like chicken, peas, and human grade bone meal and puree and freeze it for way less per serving.

Last night she came down and snuggled while I was watching TV.  This morning she rousted me out of bed for breakfast.  She doesn't understand why I smooch her and try not to cry.  The vet comented on what a snuggly darling she is.  I think about how some idiot who I would like to smack the bejabbers out of is missing out on all the love she gives.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nearly $4000 Later And We Still Don't Know

I thought that once Blackberry passed and I was left with 2 young cats the era of daily medication, which had lasted about a decade, was over.  The era of not being able to just set out a couple gravity feeders and a lot of water and take off was over.  I could up and go and not worry about hiring a pet sitter because it's been a decade of sick cats and that was finally over.

Apparently that's not in the cards.

You don't know what a relief it is to see Precious, formally named Mama, at her food bowl and eating.  And yet emergency exploratory surgery and days in the hospital has only been able to say that her colon is swollen up and her pancreous is inflamed.  I didn't know that the colon could swell but that was why they went in - the xrays showed the colon was occupying way more space than it should and they were afraid there was an obstruction.  She's on profalactic antibiotics while we wait for the results of biopsies. They didn't find anthing and so they couldn't fix anything.  But I brought her home today and she's eating like a pig.  She hasn't been eating - that was the first red flag that something was wrong. And then she started holding herself hunched up and clearly miserable.  I made an appointment with her vet but couldn't get in for a few days.  And then she let out a meow that is the closest to the sound of a cat in misery you'll ever hear.  And we were on the way to the emergency vet in Winchester in minutes.

If I had to bet, I'm thinking from what I read that pancreatitis will be the final diagnosis.  And that at the least her diet will have to be strictly controled.  Which pretty much ends the hope of just running away when I want to.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Boy, That Took A Lot of Courage

Apparently pro-Trump talk show host Michael Savage was attacked while dining out this week.  I'm not a fan of Savage - occasionally he can be entertaining but meh.  And he irritates me fairly frequently when I do listen.  So meh.  But Savage is 74 years old.  And his little poodle was kicked as well.  By some screaming lib.

This has been happening all over the US.  They can't sustain their arguments, so they've just gone to violence.  Wear a MAGA cap in the wrong place, and you can get some screaming jerk spraying spittle in your face.  And we won't even discuss the rioting and violence on college campuses any time anyone even vaguely conservative shows up.  Ask Milo Yiannopoulos how many death threats he's had.  Or Jeff Kuhner, my favorite radio host out of Boston - the threats against him and his family have increased exponentially over the last year and he can't even go to the grocery store without obscenities and threats being screamed at him.

It doesn't take much courage to throw a 74 year old man to the ground and kick his miniature poodle. But one of these days they are going to make a big mistake in who they go after.  Not only is the violence becoming tiresome, but the fact that the rioters/attackers are then let off with a slap on the wrist just means it's going to escalate.  And some people are going to hit maxed-out sick-and-tired and instead of trying to move away from the situation start swinging.  Or a group of screaming "anarchists" are going to come up against a group of pissed off Conservatives who've held their peace as long as they can.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Almost Made It

But not quite.  At least the amount looks to be on the low end of the prediction.  Maybe 8 inches.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


There's supposed to be some "day without women" thing.  I have more important things to do that day.  Like clipping my toenails.

But it does occur to me that in order to be non-hypocritical the women who plan to sit on their hands that day should also give up anything invented by a man.  Like, you know, flush toilets.  Automobiles.  Microwaves.  And they might want to check out who invented the fibers used in any clothes they have and not wear anything made by or with anything invented by a man.

'Cause liberals wouldn't want to be hypocritical, would they?  Oh.  Wait.  Yeah.  Brahahahahahaha!!!

Saturday, March 4, 2017


River otter. Dead on the access road to my community.  I've seen sea otters while traveling in California but never seen a local river otter.  Would have much preferred to have seen this one from my kayak this summer.