Sunday, July 25, 2021

Last Night's Freakout

Was because I was getting texts from family that's 500 miles away.  They were sheltering in their laundry room in the brick part of their house as tornado sirens wailed all around them.  NWS said today that 3 tornados are confirmed for their county. And their sky was not only green but a weird pinkish color:

I'm afraid of wind.  As I said, "Wizard Of Oz" freaks me out.  I'd never survive a hurricane because I'd just die of a heart attack. (Yeah, ask me about the effect of watching Katrina grind towards towards the people and places we'd worked in for 2 years...)

The kids are OK.  My nerves are a little more shot...

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Freaking Out Freaking Out

Because my family is sheltering in the center of their house and a tornado is on the ground.  And I can see from the radar that the worst isn't even there yet.

There's a reason I can't watch "Wizard of Oz."  The tornado.  Even though I know the details of that particular special effect.

I'm pretty much freaking out now...