Friday, January 26, 2018


So, in need of some brain deadness, I was watching a documentary series about a security team in a British hospital.  Among other social problems, there has been an increase in assaults on hospital staff in the country and beefy guys in stab-resistant vests now monitor and patrol hospitals.  (Side note - there seems to be the same problem as we have here with too many mentally ill folks on the street.)  Anyway, in one episode, a large patient gets violent.  Security pins him to floor.  Police arrive and it goes like this:

Patient: "I'll kill you!"
Officer standing over him, calmly: "Did you just threaten to kill  me?"
Patient, calmly:"Yes."
Officer, calmly: "Well, that's going to change the way we play."
Patient, calmly:"I know."

Then it got uncalm.

Almost surreal, it made me laugh out loud.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

It's Easy To Understand

I suppose the image makes more sense if you've seen the "wetback crossing" signs in southern California.  But if you have then you know how perfectly this represents why the government is "shut down".  The Dems need voters.  This is how they plan to get them.  It's that simple.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Still Me

And it doesn't matter what verbal dance pro-aborts indulge in. A fetus is the same human being as the 2 year old they become if they survive the womb.  And the same as the 10 year old, and the 40 year old and the 80 year old.  And I challenge any pro-abort to tell me what instant their child became human. They are going to have to tell that in less than milliseconds, otherwise little Tommy is cut into pieces and sucked into a sink.

And cut the pro-choice crap. If you support children being killed in the womb you are pro-abortion, period.  Stop the word games.

Monday, January 8, 2018