Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Smile

Watch this little girl's eyes as she sees her mended face.  Operation Smile is well named.

Courtesy Creative Minority Report.


  1. Very nice, and as bad as she was deformed, I'm amazed she was able to nurse as a baby... Great smile now :-)

  2. As "deformed" as she appeared to some of you guys before surgery, she was actually quite lucky. From the looks, it appears she only has the single cleft version.

    Now before someone goes and thinks I'm being cruel, I can honestly say this, for I've walked in her shoes. Many, like me, were born with the double cleft palate and double hair lip, and highly deviated septum (very crooked bridge of the nose).

    The First operation for me was at 9 days of age. Now, depending on the severity, they sometimes wait to 2 or 3 years of age, for the first one which repairs the palate and initial repair on the lip. There, again depending on severity, are usually multiple surgeries after that, just on the lip. Most, like me, end up with severe sinus issues, and some even experience constant ear infections which leads to hearing loss.

    I was very lucky though, because I was born to parents who loved me anyway and got me repaired.

    I have a friend in Little Rock who adopted a Chinese girl who had the "double" version. This kid was abandoned by her bio-parents and turned over to the State. Nice people.....

    I also know of a kid in India who luckily was adopted by a Christian orphanage. She too was abandoned and later repaired. Many aren't this lucky.

    Many suffer far worse fates because of this. Over seas, if they can't get the surgery, even if they have loving parents, they are treated as complete outcasts. If they can get the surgery, many are only able to get the initial repair job done, which still leaves them very noticeably disfigured, although better than before obviously.

    I am very happy for this little girl in the video. She was very blessed to be born in these circumstances that allowed her to be repaired. I'm sure she'll go on to have a good life. She'll have a soft spot for those who are born like her and her BIG heart will ache in a special way like nothing you'll be able to imagine unless you've experienced it or raised a child that was born this way.

    Sorry for the long comment, but as you can see, I have a soft spot too for these special children.

  3. Thanks for more detailed information, Matt. Most of us have no experience with the problem and only know the basics.