Monday, April 9, 2012

And then there was range day...

I've loved every bit of this mild Winter and long Spring.  I love working outside.  I've gotten a lot done.  But I'm getting tired.  The joy of digging in the dirt has begun to feel like work.  So I needed a distraction.  Outside but different.  And right at the time that was becoming obvious I got a call - "Going to the range tomorrow - wanna come?"  Yeah boy!  Just what the doctor ordered - a day in the sun with the smell of gunpowder.

I'm still exploring. The great thing about going to the range with Murphy's Law is that I can try out so many different guns. The feel of guns has changed over the last few months.  The guns that felt too big to start with feel fine now because I have more experience with handling them.  So I had a couple specific requests for today - a Glock 19 and Glock 23.  Midsized 9 and 40 in caliber.  Love the 3 dot sights. Obviously need practice, but they are "keepers".  Definitely on my short list for next purchases.

And of course, ML had what he referred to as "only the", which would be more than normal people have.  The M-60 is sighted just fine, although the breeze kept blowing down the target just before "lift off".  A few scavenged pieces of strategically placed wood cured that.  And then it was my turn:

This gun has a high "Ooooooo" factor, and it drew other shooters like a magnet.  The reaction of a shooter allowed to try it out:  "I gotta get me one of these!"  And it made me laugh - every shot made my pants legs flap in the breeze it created.

Then there was the AR-15.  A bit heavy for me to steady at the shoulder, but a world of difference once the tripod was dropped.

The M-1 got a lot of play today, too.  This gun range allows for tactical practice, and on a beautiful Spring day it was fun to do a little bit of running around.

Queue a little bit of Creedance Clearwater...

Yeah, I never did grow up.  Or I was old before my time.  The guns weren't loaded, and as kids we ran all over the mountain, "playing soldier".  50 years later the guns ARE loaded, and I hope it stays at the level of play.

I didn't see any poison ivy. I'll be sure of that in about 48 hours.

And there was a Mauser, and a Ruger Mini 14 - ML knows those details.  Carbines are definitely a better fit for my short self, but every gun feels good to shoot. Particularly when followed by lunch and beer.  If only I hadn't had to go back to work.

I'm ready to start messing with .45s next time.  I'm having a bit of trouble with the hand with the sprained finger - it doesn't want to heal and it's hard to put pressure on with that hand, even with a make-shift splint and taped to the finger next to it.  Slides and such are hard to manipulate.  But time and familiarity will improve that, and I imagine the 1911 that felt too big 6 months ago will feel just fine very soon.


  1. Glad y'all had fun, and that song IS an oldie but a goody!!! :-)

  2. @Rev & NFO - Yeah, definitely a good day. Was thinking, though, as "Run Through the Jungle" played in my head - I wish I hadn't buried that G.I. Joe next to the cow pond. As one of the originals, it probably would have some collector's value today.

  3. That sounds like a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  4. She done good, folks. Come the bad times, I'm thinking that our little slice of WV is going to be safer than most.

  5. Sounds like A LOT of fun. What range is this that let's you get "tactical"?

    1. 340 Defense, out on Rt. 340, just down in Virginia. I joined today because some quick calculation made it clear that paying hourly was going to be way more expensive than a yearly membership.

    2. Says it is in WV, but just over the line. I'm gonna have to go there.

    3. Spent some time on their site, too far for a regular visit, but definitely would like to check it out someday.

    4. I have no place to go that allows dynamic movement.... for anything. Maybe an organized blogshoot at 340 some time. Fortunately this seems close enough to me allow swinging up there on weekend mornings.

    5. @Andy - Come to think of it, it is just north of line.

  6. @David - Perfect Spring day.

    @ML - Come the revolution, I'll just be glad if I don't look at you blankly when you hand me a gun...