Friday, September 28, 2012

It's baaaaaack....

The major work of art by Andres Serrano (in his mind, anyway), titled Piss Christ, goes on display again in New York this week.  Christians are rioting, burning, and killing in protest.  Oh. Guess not.  Liberals have called for it's removal in order to protect the religious sensitivities of those it offends.  Oh.  Guess not.  Hypocrisy of liberals is put on display for all to see.  Oh.  Well, yeah, that one's right for sure.


  1. This is fascism in it's earliest stages.....

    1. I'm afraid it has edged past "early". If something isn't done soon, what our forefathers fought for is gone.

  2. Yep. For some, "Freedom of Speech" is all well and good as long as those speeches are about what they want to hear and agree with what they want said.