Thursday, March 7, 2013


Weeks of being Grandma have raised some questions in my mind.

Like, how is it that holding a sleeping baby in one's arms has the same effect as a heavy sedative?

And how is it that something so small can eject so much stuff out of both ends and look so contented while doing so?


  1. I have a working theory about the sleeping baby/sedative deal . . . . and it has nothing to do with a sleeping baby. Our granddaughters do the same thing to us at age 6 and 4. Simply put - they are "energy suck aliens". While they may look like human granddaughters they are, in truth, aliens that simply suck the energy out of your body.

    At a young age it's easy to contribute this to the holding/sleeping/cuddling process. Don't be fooled!!! At age 6 Ms. A can suck the energy right out of grandpa clear across the room!!!

    As for the smelly stuff - just a reminder that there will always be "crappy days", no matter how cute they are!!

    Congrats Ma'am - being a grandpa is one of the favorite things in my life!!


  2. My theory was that babies aren't happy until the share the mess with an adult ... which explains the nuclear diapers, projectile vomiting, and so on, and so forth. :^)

  3. Answer to #2, because they DON'T have to be polite and hold back... :-)