Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm A Tiddlywink

I'm coming out.  For ages now I've felt that a mistake had been made.  But with so many people leading, particularly in states like California, I feel it's time to embrace my true feelings.

I'm a tiddlywink.

If people can deny that they have an x and a y chromosome and declare themselves only xx chromosome, then I'm a tiddlywink.

If kids in California can decide whether or not they are boy or girl and choose bathrooms and locker rooms accordingly, then I'm a tiddlywink.

If people can declare that the vagina and the rectum were made for the same purpose, then I'm a tiddlywink.

If people can deny that at the moment of conception a unique individual who carries genetic material from both mother AND father exists, then I'm a tiddlywink.

If people can deny the teachings of the Catholic Church and still call themselves Catholic, then I'm a tiddlywink.

If woman can get together, dance around, and call themselves Catholic priests just because they want to be, then I'm a tiddlywink.

It's taken me a while to figure this out - the reality of the universe is defined by what I WANT and by that alone.  And besides, the atomic structure of tiddlywinks contains things like hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.  So does mine.  So the science is settled - I'm a tiddly wink.  A blue one, thank you.


  1. I am able to tiddly. But I need to be careful who I wink at.

  2. Red. Definitely a red one. Red is cool.

    And like Rick Street, I may tiddly, but I definitely won't wink.

    1. Well, red IS my favorite color. BUT I feel like blue. And because reality is governed by how I feel, blue it is.

  3. Very brave of you to come out like this PH.
    I think tiddlywinks need a special advocacy group to raise awareness, ad nauseum, until non-tiddlywinks are exhausted, worn down and sick of the whole "struggle". The government should DO SOMETHING to provide special protections against tiddlywink hate crime and bestow special privileges and RIGHTS for tiddlywinks!

    1. Absolutely! And any tiddlywink that disagrees with that must be attacked!

  4. Replies
    1. A wide variety of colors are allowed, and we can share. You can even be a non-plastic tiddlywink. But anything else is off the plantation and divisive.

    2. It's a rainbow baby!
      that's already taken.
      my bad. ;)

  5. I was almost there with you. But I have to go another way one of the list. "If a group of old men can set themselves up as the authority that allows them to make all the religious decisions for everyone else, male and female, and decide that women get no voice in the Church, then I'm a tiddlywink."

    1. See